Waiting for a Wake Up Call

Waiting for a Wake Up Call


Chapter 3:

Sirius fully expected to wake up in his crappy little room on stale cold sheets in Grimmauld Place the next morning. He fully expected to go back to where it was dark and dank and he felt like a trapped animal.

When he and Remus had gone to sleep the previous night he had desperately hoped that wouldn’t happen. He had stayed up half the night just watching Remus sleep praying that he’d be able to stay in this wonderful little world for a little while longer. He had tried to keep his eyes open, but he had fallen asleep some time after one in the morning.

He knew he was waking up. He wasn’t sure where he was so he didn’t want to open his eyes just yet, but he could feel someone tugging on his shoulder.

“Hmm… go ‘way.” Sirius said sleepily.

“Dad’s gonna kill me if you don’t wake up… well no he’s going to kill you. You know Maddy wants you to come to the train station. She’s getting all nervous.” Sirius opened one eye to see the mini Remus sitting next to him arms crossed over his chest looking like Remus did when he had down something wrong back in his old school days.

“What time is it?” Sirius asked.

“Close to ten.” Michael answered.

“Right, the train leaves at eleven.”

“That’s what dad said. He was getting a little worried that you were gonna oversleep. He was gonna leave you here, but that would have made Maddy cry. She’s getting a little high strung. She started in again about how she’s not allowed to bring her broom.”

“First years aren’t allowed to bring the brooms.”

“I know, but you know how she gets with Quidditch. Personally I don’t see the big deal with it. I just think she wants to impress Harry. He said he hoped to see her trying out for the Beater position this year. You know what with the Weasley twins gone. She got all giddy about it. That could just be the fact that she likes Quidditch so much.” Michael said and looked as though he were thinking about it.

“Quidditch is a great game. So she wants to be a Beater like her old dad. I say go for it.”

“Yeah you’ve told her so many times already. You’ve made it go to her head.”

“Well she’s very good.” Sirius said as he remembered them playing yesterday.

He had noticed that Michael and Audrey had stayed on the sidelines with Remus. Michael and Remus had played Wizard chess with Audrey watching them giggling every once in awhile at the pieces.

“It’s very rare for a girl to be a Beater. I don’t think it’s ever happened. She’s good, but she could get really hurt. It’s always boys that are Beaters. Dad tried to persuade her to become maybe a Chaser or a Keeper, but she’s too determined. Dad said she gets that from you.”

Sirius smiled at the boy sitting next to him. Michael seemed to think he had said too much and started to blush.

“She probably does. Well, why don’t you go downstairs and tell your dad I’ll be there soon.”

“Okay. He’ll be very pleased about that.” Michael said jumping out of the bed.

He ran out of the room without another room. Sirius couldn’t help the soft smile that had formed on his face and seemed to be sticking permanently. He was elated to still be in this world. It was much better than the other world.

He got up off of the bed and rummaged for some decent clothes to wear. He couldn’t walk outside in wizarding clothing. He still remembered going to the train station when he was a kid. It was always important to blend in with the Muggles.

He wasn’t exactly sure which clothes were his and which clothes were Remus’s, but he tried to make guesses as to what Remus would wear and what would be more his style.

In the end he ended up putting on a pair of comfortable jeans he knew had to be his own because they would have been to big on Remus, a dark blue shirt that he knew had to be his as well and a long sleeve plaid shirt that he hoped was his. He grabbed a pair of socks and put them on before shuffling downstairs to meet the rest of his family. He took a deep breath before entering the kitchen bright smile on his face.

“Good morning everyone.” He said pleasantly. The kids were sitting quietly at a table not too far away from the table counter where Remus was cooking something.

“Oh good you’re up… is that my shirt?” Remus asked. Sirius tried to remain calm about it.

“Hmm… just threw on whatever was clean.” Sirius said with a smile.

“And that includes my shirt?” Remus said. Sirius knew he was checking to see if he was okay.

“Well… yeah. It’s not a problem is it?”

“Just wondering if you knew it was my shirt when you put it on.” Remus whispered.

Sirius looked over at the kids. Danny and Nate seemed to be off in their own little world and Audrey was sitting quietly eating her oatmeal. Michael and Maddy had their eyes glued to Sirius and Remus. When Sirius looked over at them they pretended to be eating their oatmeal. Sirius faked a put upon sigh and rolled his eyes.

“I knew it was your shirt when I put it on. I was just in a hurry to get down here because I realized how late I was.” Sirius said leaning over Remus to grab a piece of toast.

“So… you’re feeling better today?” Remus asked his fingers lightly touching Sirius’s right temple.

“Of course. I told you I was fine. I just needed a little rest. You believe me right?” Sirius said putting on his most charming smile. He watched as Remus’s eyes flickered with uncertainty before he nodded his head.

“Good, well now that that is cleared up, I’m thinking someone needs to get ready to get to Hogwarts.” Sirius said turning to Maddy.

“My stuff is by the front door. Dad said he was going to load it into the car.” Maddy said. Sirius smiled and took a bite of his toast.

“I’ll get it. Your dad has to eat.” Sirius said his arm wrapping around Remus’s waist. He squeezed a bit before letting go.

“You have to eat too.” Remus said.

“I had some toast. Look it’s my job to do the heavy lifting.” Sirius said with a smirk on his face.

Remus rolled his eyes as he continued cooking what appeared to be eggs. Sirius placed a kiss on Remus’s temple and walked over to the front door.

Maddy’s trunk along with an a gray owl that Sirius had only seen briefly the other day in it’s cage stood by the door. He decided to leave the owl by the door considering they wouldn’t be leaving for a little while, grabbed a set of keys that hung on a key holder next to the door and walked out of the house.

There in the middle of the street was the Lupin-Black’s mini van. Sirius would have scoffed at the very idea of a mini van, but there were seven of them and it was practical. Sirius looked at the various keys in his hand and picked out the one that he thought would open the trunk of the car. When he did open it, he stuck Maddy’s trunk inside and closed it. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“Today’s a new day.”


“Look at how many people are here! It’s crazy! All these people are going to Hogwarts.” Maddy said in awe as she wheeled her trunk this way and that.

The twins were having a field day running around and driving Remus crazy. Michael stood passively by Sirius’s side and Audrey sat firmly atop Sirius’s shoulders as he followed Maddy through the crowd.

“Just think, Mikey in a few short years you’ll be getting ready to board the Hogwarts Express.” Maddy said with great enthusiasm.

“Great.” Michael said and Sirius could detect his sarcasm.

“She’s just a little hopped up. Over enthusiasm does that to people.” Sirius said as he watched his daughter move this way and that through the crowd.

“She’s got a right to be. The way you and dad go on and on about how great Hogwarts is." Michael said.

“It is great.”

“I know. I guess I’ll be very excited to go when I go. It’s just… I’m going to be the oldest while she’s away. I’ve never had practice being the oldest. The twins listen to her. They annoy me. The only one I can really stand is Audrey, but even then… I’m not the greatest big brother in the world.”

“Oh I very much doubt that. Besides me and your father are here to take care of you guys. You don’t have to worry about that stuff. It’ll give you gray hair.” Sirius said with a teasing smirk on his face.

Michael smiled as well. Sirius really would have liked to believe that he was going to be around to take care of all of them, but the truth was he didn’t expect to be here right now seeing his eldest daughter off to Hogwarts.

An emotion that he knew had to be happiness flooded his veins, but he couldn’t be happy. Sure Maddy was a great kid, but he barely knew her yet there was a bond to her. A strong bond that Sirius couldn’t deny a bond that he had with all of them with this whole strange world he had seemed to stumble upon through not fault of his own.

He wanted to stay here. He wanted to see his children, though he knew they couldn’t really be his, grow up and become great people and do great things. He wanted so very much to stay in this world no matter what the cost.

“Hey, Padfoot.” Sirius looked up and gasped as though he had seen a ghost or two ghosts as the case may be.

There stood Lily and James an older looking Lily and James. They had been at the hospital yesterday that much Sirius remembered Remus mentioning. They had left before Sirius had gotten a chance to see them. Remus said they had an emergency with Leo. Sirius wasn’t sure who or what Leo was, but he guessed from the conspiratorially tone Remus had said it that Leo was a Potter.

Sirius was so happy to see them. They had aged just as gracefully as he and Remus had. Lily’s hair was a bit shorter than Sirius had ever seen it, but also a bit curlier than he had remembered. She was still as beautiful as ever with her sparkling green eyes and soft pale skin.

She looked almost as Sirius had remembered her with only a few minor changes. James had quite a few gray hairs in his jet black messy mop. His glasses were thinner and more refined looking. He had a few wrinkles, but he still looked like the same James. They had only aged a bit and they both looked amazing.

“Prongs… Lily. It’s so good to see you.” Sirius said as he pulled Lily and James into a tight embrace.

He knew they probably looked shocked and surprised, but he couldn’t help his gut reaction. He let them go after a minute or so and smiled sheepishly at them.

“Its good to see you too Pads, but really the big hug wasn’t necessary.” James said teasing smirk on his face.

“Sorry… it’s just… it’s a really emotional day.” Sirius muttered.

“Oh, I remember what an emotional wreck I was when it was Harry’s first day.” Lily said. Sirius smiled at her motherly glow.

“Now, don’t be humble, love. You were an emotional wreck when Leo went and when Alex went.” James said. Lily threw a half-hearted glare in his direction and smacked his arm.

“Well it’s just the one today.” Sirius said.

“Yes, we saw her running around. I think she’s talking with Harry right now.” Lily said pointing in the direction of where she thought her oldest son would be.

“She’s excited to be going to Hogwarts. I mean she really is. Talking a mile a minute.” James said.

“Well, it’s understandable. A lot of great things happen at Hogwarts.” Sirius said though he could stop looking at Lily and James.

They were alive. In this world they were alive and Voldemort was dead and little Harry wasn’t an orphan. He had brothers. Two of them it appeared.

“Why are you staring at us so strangely, Pads?” James asked amusement clear on his face, but there also seemed to be worry.

“Strangely? Don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sirius said putting a bright smile on his face.

“This is the last time I bring you boys here. Next time I’m leaving you with the sitter if you can’t behave yourself.” Sirius turned a little to see Remus holding Nate and Danny, but their shirt collars clearly irritated with the struggling boys. Michael rolled his eyes and Audrey giggled at them.

“We were just looking at the birds.” Nate said trying to get out of Remus’s grasp.

“Yeah those kids said it was okay.” Danny said trying just as hard to struggle out of Remus’s hold, but to no success.

“I don’t care. I told you to stick by me and your dad and you didn’t listen.” Remus said in that fatherly tone he had down so well.

Sirius had to stare in awe of him. He always knew Remus would have made an excellent father. Feeling James and Lily staring at him Sirius decided he might as well try and help out.

“Boys,” He said and watched as they miraculously stood still.

“Stop giving your dad problems and stand still would you.”

“Yes, Paddy.” They said in unisons. Sirius smiled at having helped out at least he was smiling until he turned to Remus who was scowling.

“What’s a matter, love?” Sirius asked.

“Oh, nothing. Sorry just…” Remus said trailing off to point at something in the crowd.

Sirius, James, and Lily followed his gaze. Sirius saw Lucius Malfoy, a very drab very dull rather unkempt Lucius Malfoy, standing a distance away from them.

His son— Draco, Sirius thought his name was— was standing next to him in equally shabby clothes looking just as unkempt. There were two other kids with them a boy that looked about thirteen and a girl that looked about Maddy’s age all looking poorer than the Weasleys.

“Just never recovered after old Voldie bit the dust. Lost almost all his money.” James said a slight hint of sorrow for the other man in his voice.

“I heard he almost didn’t have enough money to send his daughter to Hogwarts this year.” Lily said her voice containing more sorrow than James’s.

“Well, that’s not a shock. No one wants to higher him anymore. It’s too bad to, he was an excellent student from what a I remember.” Remus said.

“I heard Dumbledore offered him a job and he vehemently declined. Still has that whole Malfoy aristocratic air to him. Poor things bringing his children down with him.” Lily said.

“Narcissa must love this.” Sirius said trying not smile thinking about his dear cousin suffering because her husband was a git.

“Oh she is. She sits in her fancy clothes with her old rich pureblood husband. She’s having another kid. Saw her at St. Mungo’s a little while ago.” Lily said. “What’s that now, five?” Remus asked.

“Six. She totally abandoned Draco. Doesn’t even acknowledge him as her son. Severus was there with the three of them and she turned her nose up at Draco when he tried to say hi to her. It’s sad really.” Lily said. Sirius scowled a bit at this.

What was Snivellus doing with Malfoy’s kids at St. Mungo’s? He could understand Narcissa trading up for higher in the food chain considering it was probably the most Black of actions. He didn’t remember much of Lucius considering he was a seventh year and Head Boy when Sirius was a first year.

He remembered going to Narcissa and his wedding and meeting him a few times after that, but he didn’t get much from the guy. Just that he was a spoiled rich kid who thought he was entitled to everything.

He looked over at Lucius once more to see his oldest son looking very embarrassed to even be seen with his dad. His attention was diverted from the Malfoy’s when Harry and Maddy came bounding over to him.

Harry, who wasn’t wearing any glasses whatsoever and dressed in a fitting pair of muggle jeans and a striped shirt with a whit collar. He stood tall, not as tall as Sirius, but almost as tall as James who was the second tallest of the Marauders. His hair shimmered somewhat and his skin was fairly tan. He had a roguish smile on his face as Maddy continued to babble on about something.

There were two boys behind them, both taller than Maddy, but not as tall as Harry. The younger looking one had auburn hair cut short and styled somewhat. His skin was tanned to and he was wearing a red Weird Sister T-shirt and acid washed pants. His eyes were hazel like James’s. His features were more like Lily’s the only thing really connecting him to James was the eyes and a bulky pair of glasses.

The other boy was a bit more startling. He had black hair like James, but the tips were blood red and a little on the long side, but spiked up anyway. Black kohl smudged around his eyes, which were hazel as well. His skin was light and pale looking like Lily’s. It almost looked like he had some sort of lip gloss on. He had various piercings ranging from his nose to his lip to his eyebrow to his ears. He was wearing a tight black shirt and tight black pants with various bracelets on his wrists. Sirius knew instantly he most of have been Leo.

“Uncle Sirius!” Harry said as he ran into Sirius’s arms. Sirius grunted as Harry basically body slammed him.

“You look fine.” Harry said when he let go.

“I feel fine. That was until you broke one of my ribs.” Sirius said with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, sorry about that. Didn’t mean to hug you too tight. Anyway, Mum and Dad said you were in at St. Mungo’s. What sort of daredevil stuff did you pull this time?” Harry asked with a mischievous gleam in his eye. Alex seemed to be listening intently, but Leo looked bored. Almost as bored as Michael looked.

“Oh, Harry, it was nothing. Just a little nasty spell.” Sirius said. Harry’s face fell.

“That’s all. No battling grindylows, no cursing witches, no killing vampires? Just one little spell and you ended up in St. Mungo’s. You must be losing your touch.” Harry said somewhat teasingly.

“It was routine and I slipped.” Sirius said, but he wasn’t so sure it was routine. He didn’t have any clue about this ‘spell’ he was supposedly hit with.

“Man, being an Auror sounds tough.” Alex said.

“Yeah, but they wouldn’t take you. They don’t allow Aurors that can’t even cast a simple silencing charm.” Leo said somewhat snidely.

“Quit it.” Harry muttered to Leo. All Leo did was roll his eyes at his older brother and scowled at him. “Alex could be an Auror if he wants to be.”

“Oh and like you’re going to be some big Quidditch star. I’m gonna go find my friends on the train. See everybody later.” He said as he walked away.

“He’s just getting worse and worse. We thought it was just some phase, but… as you can see he’s not growing out of it.” Lily said tsking somewhat.

“He’s a teenager Lils. You have to just let him express himself.” Remus said.

“Are you sure you didn’t find him in a dumpster?” Harry asked. James and Lily scowled at him and he held up his hands in mock surrender.

“He’s just acting up. It’s not like we never did that.” Remus said and Sirius knew what he was talking about for the first time in the whole time they had been at the train station.

“Yeah. We grew up in the seventies, mate… we were way worse than anything he could throw at you. It’s just repayment.” Sirius said.

“Yeah you say that now, but wait until one of your kids gives you problems.” James said. Sirius looked over to Nate and Danny who were starting to squirm again. He rolled his eyes and sighed.

“You forget I have the hyperactive twins.” Sirius said as the train honked.

“Oh, we better get going.” Harry said.

Harry and Alex hugged their parents and then hugged Sirius and Remus. Alex didn’t bother with Michael, but Harry lightly patted him on the head. Michael frowned at him and scowled.

“Maddy hurry up.” Harry said.

“Okay, okay.” Maddy said.

She walked over to Sirius and hugged mostly his legs because Sirius couldn’t bend down with Audrey on his shoulders. She went over to Remus and the boys and hugged them as well. Lastly she went over to Michael who was staring at the ground. She stared at him for a few moments before she grabbed him in a tight embrace.

“I’ll see everyone later. I love you guys.” She said as she ran after the train.

She hoped on and spared one last glance at her family before walking onto the train. Seconds later Sirius watched as the train made it’s way to Hogwarts.


It was hours after Maddy was dropped off and boarded the train to Hogwarts that Sirius found himself sitting in the study of his new home. He wasn’t sure what to do in said study. He didn’t really know what everything was and what it was for and touching and exploring was the last thing he had on his mind.

He just spent the whole day convincing Remus that he was okay. Michael seemed doubtful, but went on reading some muggle book that Remus had bought for him. The twins couldn’t really care one way or the other and Remus seemed to have a hard time watching them and questioning Sirius’s sanity.

They had finished dinner some time earlier and Nate and Danny seemed to be winding down finally. Sirius wasn’t sure he had enough energy in him to keep up with the two of them on a daily basis. Remus mentioned something about schooling or maybe Sirius was dreaming. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his new life.

It was much better than the one he left behind, but it was new. Sirius wondered if this was all just a figment of his imagination or perhaps an alternate reality. The other Sirius was probably bawling if that were so. He was sure if that were the case Dumbledore would have already found some sort of cure.

Sirius was drawn out of his thoughts when he felt a small tug on his robes. He looked over to see Audrey in pajamas holding a book and a doll.

“Hello.” Sirius said. Audrey merely shoved the book in his face. Sirius took it from her and looked at it.

“The Velveteen Rabbit?… must be a muggle book. I think Rem… your daddy… I think this was his favorite book as a kid.” Sirius said. Audrey shook her head and pulled at Sirius’s robes again.

“Oh, you want me to read it to you… before you go to sleep.” Audrey rolled her eyes and pulled on Sirius’s robes again. Sirius picked her up and walked over to her bedroom.

It was filled with rabbits. Stuffed rabbits big and small, glass rabbits, clay rabbits, rabbits were painted on the walls and the sheets and comforter had rabbits as the design. Sirius smiled at this as he tucked Audrey into bed. Sirius opened the book and began reading from the beginning.

“There was once a velveteen rabbit, and in the beginning he was really splendid…”

Audrey began to shaker her head and moved the pages a bit before coming to page thirteen. Sirius looked confused for a minute before he started to read again. Audrey sat back in her bed listening to part of the story unfold.

Sirius wasn’t sure when she started to doze off. Somewhere past page twenty-six he imagined. When he realized she was asleep, he closed the book softly and put in on her nightstand. He got up from her little bed and moved to get up when he saw Remus standing in the doorway.

“The boys are asleep. I assumed Audrey would try and get you to read to her. She does it every night.” Remus said a weird hitch in his voice.

“Yes, Remy, I know…”

“Oh don’t take me for a fool Sirius. Please, don’t take me for a fool.” Remus pleaded. Sirius sighed.

“Can we not do with right here. Only I just got her to go to sleep. It wouldn’t be right to wake her up.”

“Fine, I’ll be waiting in the bedroom.”

With that Remus took off towards the room. Sirius sighed again. He looked over at Audrey. She was saw small and precious. His little girl. she really did look peaceful laying there her eyes close shut holding a stuffed rabbit. Sirius kissed her on the forehead before heading to Remus. When he got their Remus was pacing around tears in his eyes.

“Do you know what’s wrong with you? If you did you would tell me right. If you knew that there was something wrong with you, you wouldn’t be stupid and stubborn and refuse to go to St. Mungo’s right. You’d tell me.” Remus said his voice shaking.

“Of course I’d tell you.”

“So why won’t you tell me what’s wrong with you?”

“You’d wouldn’t believe me even if I did tell you.”

“Of course I would. I love you don’t I. Sirius you’re the father of my kids… or however that goes, never got the correct terminology for that one. But that’s not the point. The point is that I’d believe you, whatever it is you had to tell me.” Sirius sighed shaking his head as he did so.

“Remus, I’m not… I’m not the man you fell in love with.” Sirius said.

“What are you saying?” Remus asked fear evident in his voice.

“I’m not your Sirius. I’m not even sure how to explain this. Please just believe me when I say… I want to be here with you. I mean I have to be here with you. I can’t go back to… I just can’t go back.” Sirius said.

Remus was close to him faster than Sirius could blink his arms wrapping around Sirius in a tight hug. Sirius embraced him, pulling him into the same bone crunching hug as though clinging on for dear life. Remus whispered encouraging words into Sirius’s ear.

“It’s okay. Just… tell me what’s wrong.” Remus said. Sirius looked at him.

Remus’s eyes were filled with concern and worry, his cheeks stained with tears mouth open slightly taking in shallow breaths. Sirius knelt down and kissed him lips touching lips.

Sirius remembered his short time with Remus back in his world. There hadn’t been much kissing, but Sirius had dreamed about it. Had thought about kissing Remus and what it would be like.

Remus’s lips were soft under his own his hands pulling on Sirius shirt. When Sirius’s tongue swept across Remus’s bottom lip, Remus had no problem opening his mouth in silent surrender.

Sirius moaned at the feel of Remus’s tongue caressing his own. If he was going to leave this world anytime soon, he wanted to have done this. To have held Remus in his arms and kissed him. Sirius broke away his breath coming harsh pants. Remus’s eyes were closed slightly his mouth parted as he took in air.

“If you’re here everything will be fine. I promise everything will be fine.” Sirius whispered.

“But what if it isn’t. Sirius there could be something ser… very wrong with you.” Remus said.

“I’ll be fine. Like I said, if you’re here everything will be fine. I promise.”


“No, please, Remus just believe me.” Sirius said searching Remus’s eyes pleadingly. It took a few seconds for Remus to talk again.

“Fine, I believe you. If you say that everything will be fine… I believe you.” Remus said.

“Good, let’s just go to sleep.” Sirius said.

Remus nodded his head as he stripped down out of his clothes and into his boxers. He slipped on a white shirt and climbed into bed. Sirius followed suit and curled up behind Remus.

It didn’t take long for Remus to fall asleep in Sirius’s arms. Sirius couldn’t really blame him for being so exhausted after having taken care of the twins. He kissed the top of Remus’s head, sent a quick pray to whoever was listening that he got to stay in this world and fell into sleep.


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