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Open-source knitting

I update this site regularly so please come back soon!


I've moved, to a more user-friendly looking site, so please go here


On This Site

v           Charts of Pauline Bayne�s illustrations of the Narnia books

v           Ginormous Jacket pattern

v           Chapter Library Window pattern chart

v           Tweedy Tie pattern

v           Graduation Doll

v           Fingerless Mittens pattern

v           Gillet Pattern

v           Fitted Lace Cardigan pattern (chart)

v           Some Fair Isle Sampler Patches (chart)

v           Sleeping Beauty�s Maleficent Doll

v           Kidsilk Haze Cardigan (chart)

v           Kidsilk Haze Tanktop (chart)

v           Sleeveless Madness Tanktop (chart)

v           Jade Pools Jumper

v           Really Long Fair Isle Tanktop (chart)

v           Dotty Tanktop (chart)

v           About Me

v           Links


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