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Graduation Doll

Graduation Doll


A lovely little gift to give someone when they graduate! This toy is heavily influenced by the patterns of Jean Greenhowe. I tried working it in the round to avoid the irritating task of making up, but the pattern can easily be adapted to be worked straight.



v  2˝mm crochet hook.

v  Four 3mm double pointed needles.

v  Pair of 3mm needles

v  Yarn darning needle

v  Stuffing

v  Card

v  Oddments of DK yarn in black, white, peach, brown and red.



v  Using double pointed needles, cast on 60 sts.

v  Round 1: K2tog to end. (30sts.)

v  Continue in for 10 rounds.

v  Change to white yarn. 7 rounds

v  Shape for neck: K2tog to end. (15 sts.)

v  Change to peach. Work 1 round.

v  Shape for head: inc. into each st. (30 sts.)

v 6 rows

v  Shape for top of head: K2tog to end (15 sts.)

v  Work 1 row

v  K3tog to end (5 sts.)

v  Break yarn, thread through each st. and fasten off.


Arms (both alike)

v  Cast on 14 sts. using white.

v  K2tog to end (7 sts.)

v  Work 4 rows in

v  Change to peach. Work three rows in

v  Break yarn, thread through each st. and fasten off.



v  For back, cast on 25 sts. Work 4 rows in garter st.

v  Dec. 1 st. each end of next 3 alt. rows. (19 sts.)

v  Continue until desired length.

v  Shape for cowl/hood thingy: cast on 10 sts. at beg. of next 2 rows (39 sts.)

v  Cast off 16 sts. at beg of next 2 rows (7 sts.)

v  K1, M1 to end (13 sts.)

v  K 2 rows

v  K2tog, K3, K3tog, K3, skpo (9 sts.)

v  K 1 row

v  K2tog, K to last 2 sts., skpo (7 sts.)

v  K 1 row

v  K2tog, K3tog, skpo (3 sts.)

v  K 1 row

v  K3tog, fasten off.

v  Crochet an edging along top of cowl and hood if desired.


Mortar Board

v  Cut a square out of card to desired size.

v  In black, a square slightly larger than card.

v  Wrap the card in the black square and sew it up. Sew in some lengths of yarn for a tassel.



v  Cast on 5 sts.

v 8 rows

v  Cast off. Sew into a tube and tie a piece of red yarn round the scroll.


Making up

Stuff body and work a few stitches across both sides of bottom to make feet. Cut out card circles and insert into bottom holes to aid standing Sew up sides of arms, stuff and sew on to body. Sew on features such as hair, eyes, mouth and necktie. Sew on gown as illustrated, with a few stitches to hold hood down. Attach mortar board to head.