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Really Long Tanktop / Really Short Dress



Apparently Fair Isle is best worked in the round. So I gave it a try. This tank is traditional in terms of the patterns, but not so much in terms of the colours or the length. I love it. In the photo its modelled by my sister Bethan.




v  No.9 circular knitting needle

v  Pair of straight no.9 needles

v  Pair of straight no.11 needles

v  Yarn darning needle

v  200g of 4-ply oatmeal (a)

v  50g 4-ply purply-pink (b)

v  25g 4-ply blue (c)

v  25g 4-ply pale pink (d)

v  25g 4-ply lilac (e)

v  25g 4-ply white (f)

v  25g 4-ply yellow (g)

v  25g 4-ply turquoise (h)

v  25g 4-ply burgundy (i)

v  25g 4-ply mustard (j)

v  25g 4-ply purple (k)

v  25g 4-ply grey (l)

v  25g 4-ply dark grey (m)

v  25g 4-ply peach (n)




Note: in this pattern, I use to end loosely. Just do your best, and hope. Same for the pattern repeats in the charts.


v  Bottom welt:

v  Using yarn (a), cast on 280 sts.

v  Round One: (K2, P2) to end. Join.

v  Work in rib as set until 20 rounds complete.

v  Work three rows in Then work from chart a, doing the repeats, obviously.

v  Decrease round, k8, K2tog, to end

v  Work from chart b

v  Increase round, k19, M1, to end

v  Work from chart c



Go straight! For the armholes


v  Knit half of the sts. (133) onto a straight needle, and then work each half separately

v  Back:

v  Work from chart

v  Front:

v  Work from chart


Making Up


v  Sew the shoulders together

v  Using no.11 needles and yarn (a), pick up and k into all the sts. along one side of an armhole, then work 6 rows in 2x2 rib. Do the same for the other side.

v  Do the same for the other armhole.

v  Do the same for the neck, but start at the point of the V, and dec. 1 st. at every row where the V is.