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Fingerless Mittens


When does a wrist-warmer become a fingerless mitten? These mittens are worked in the round, with a stripy chevron pattern. The wool used in the illustration is handspun, and is equivalent in thickness to Aran-weight yarn.



v  Four 4mm double-pointed needles

v  Pair of 4mm needles

v  One 6mm needle

v  Yarn-darning needle

v  50g of Aran-weight yarn in colour A and 50g in colour B


Mittens (both alike)

v  Using A, cast on 40 sts. on to 3 of the double-pointed needles.

v  Knit 1 round.

v  Round 1: K

v  Round 2: K1, yf, K3, sl2kpo, K3, yf, repeat to end.

v  Round 3: as Round 1

v  Round 4: as Round 2

v  Change to B and repeat Rounds 1-4, then change to A

v  Repeat these 4 Rounds a further 3 times.

v  Divide for thumbhole: Using yarn A, K 19 sts. onto single-pointed needle, inc. into next st. Turn and leave remaining 20 sts. on a stitch-holder.

v  Purl one row

v  Work 12 rows of pattern straight, but purling on the wrong side rows.

v  Slip these 21 sts. onto a stitch-holder.

v  With wrong side facing, purl the 20 sts. of the other side onto a single-pointed needle, increasing into the last st.

v  Work as for first side.

v  Purl one row

v  Return to working in the round. Using B, K all stitches onto 3 double-pointed needles, decreasing the previous increases.

v  Work 8 rows of pattern.

v  Using 6mm needles, cast off all sts.

v  Sew up one of the holes created by working straight.