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Role playing has been around since children started playing.  Who doesn't remember sometime in their youth play acting some hero or villain with your friends.  Or acting as if you were a famous actor or actress, or taking the role of a beloved toy in a world of make-believe. 

The current role playing games have a bit of that, and also a fair helping of war-games, war re-enactments, and renaissance fairs.  The current crop of Role playing games mix this all up into their genres.

Dungeons and Dragons was the first, and is still the biggest table-top role playing game.  Vampire the Masquerade became the biggest live action role playing game.  While on the computer, we have a myriad of them, including: Ultima, Neverwinter Nights (based on D&D), Final Fantasy and the infamous Everquest to name a few.  All of these computer games take the genre Role Playing Games, yet most of them are very loosely qualified "Role Playing".

On this website I will go through the meaning of Role Playing, and show some examples.  Give a brief History of the genre.  Show how you can improve your game, and finally give a little hands on discussion and quiz.

Terms and Components:

bulletBasic Terms in Role-Playing Games
bulletComponents of Role-Playing Games

Actual Role-Playing Games in Action:

bulletHow to get a Game together
bulletWhat to expect during a Game



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