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What to expect during a game

The game session will usually consist of just talking and note-taking, with a bunch of dice rolling during conflicts.  The players listen to the adventure details given by the Game Master and make decisions based upon their what their Player Characters would choose.  When conflicts arise the rules will state what numbers and dice need to be used to resolve the situation.

Role Playing can run the gambit from just making choices in the fashion of their characters, to full out acting as the personalities they have created for their Character.  The Game Master usually tries to mirror the acting style of the other players, or maybe even a bit more, since he/she has to act as many different characters during a game, and wants the players to differentiate between them.  Using variations of voices and mannerism might be all that is needed.

A days session might end before the Adventure ends, so the players need to return at the next meeting and continue the game from where they left off.  When the Adventure is finally completed, the Characters gain experience and they might get better at their skills.  The downtime will lead into a new Adventure in the Campaign of the Game, with new goals and conflicts.

Players should expect fairness from the Game Master when it comes to the rules during a conflict, but during the other parts of the game, he/she will keep a lot of the information secret until the players meet up with each new encounter.


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