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History of Role-Playing Games

Following are some pages that try to explain the Brief History of RPG's.  This is a very simple version of what can be found in other places in depth.  But hopefully an understanding of the Game as it today can be achieved by going over what has been before.

If you know something that is incorrect with what I have written, please email me and I will change it as I can.  Yet, remember that a lot of D&D history has become very much hearsay and modern myth.  Also consider that Dungeons and Dragons is only one game out of hundreds out there, while it was the first, it isn't the 'perfect' game either. 

Dungeons and Dragons:

bulletBirth of the Game
bulletThe Golden Days of RPG's

Computer Games:

bulletComputers killed the Role-Playing star
bulletVideo Games get closer to actual Role-Playing

Modern Role-Playing Games:

bulletThe d20's explosion
bulletWhat the future might bring



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