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How to get a Game together

You can either get a few like minded people together yourself or join an already established group of players.  In these days of the Internet it is easier than every to find people who like to play RPG's, even if it might be difficult to find time to play them.  Putting up flyers in game stores, talking to people you meet at conventions and signing up to message boards on the internet, are a few of the ways to find gamers.

First, you might want to decide the Genre you want to play in:

bulletScience Fiction
bulletOld West
bulletGothic Vampire
bulletModern Espionage

These are just a few of the types out there.  You should also try to find people who like to play in the same style that you enjoy.  Don't let that stop you from trying some other styles if you want.  You might enjoy them just as much.  Remember that there is no correct and perfect way to role-play, just guidelines and what you enjoy.

Once you find a group of people you will play with, all of you should decide (if you already haven't) which of you will be the Game Master.  He/she will have a bit more work than the rest before the game starts.  All of you should learn the rules somewhat, and the non-Game Master players should create Player Characters for the first session of the game.

The Game Master should either create his own or obtain a pre-written adventure for the first meeting.  A date should be set, and should be recurring for more sessions in the adventure (i.e. every Saturday afternoon, or every 2nd Sunday evening)

When the Game day comes, everyone should show up at the place decided upon to play at, (a comfortable seating arrangement around a table is usually the best.)


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