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Components of Role-Playing Games

The Basic elements needed for a successful role-playing session are players (at least two to three), some sort of rule set, and an adventure in some kind of make-believe world.  One player takes the part of Game Master, while the others each create a Player Character.

The rules are usually made up of:

  1. The definition of Statistics and Skills of the characters and adversaries that reside in the game, and how they advance in said stats and/or skills.
  2. An explanation of how to use stats and skills in various conflicts, such as combat, traps, etc.
  3. How the world interacts with the characters, and what items cost and how they work in the rule set created by the game.

A world is usually given with the game rules:

  1. It will explain the bigger politics.
  2. Hopefully comes with a map for exploration and travel.
  3. Gives a sample of the creatures that reside in the lands.

Finally the Game Master ONLY has the Adventure:

  1. It has the goals for the players to accomplish.
  2. A loose outline how things can happen.
  3. Statistics for the creatures and traps the players meet.
  4. And usually a detailed map with what will be met at specific places.

Also the use of dice and the need for paper and pencils are usually a must.  Some people even like to play with more props such as miniatures of their characters and the monsters all placed on a combat grid showing their position at the moment.


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