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Help With My College Funds


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 My name is Mary Graves and I am a 28 year old mother of two little boys.  My husband receives Social Security Disability and I want to attend college to get an Associates Degree in Hotel, Casino and Restaurant Management. I live in Las Vegas, so it is a great place to get this type of degree.

      The problem lies in that even with financial aid  I will not be able to afford to attend college. 
See Resident Rules too see why. I still will need $1,500 to attend college.

If you have ever been to college and didn't have any money then you know where I am coming from. If 1,500 people send me a dollar I would be able to attend college.  I will keep an updated page as to how much I have collected so far and what I need to get enough funds to attend college.

The holidays are on us and I am hoping that there are enough kind people out there willing to give a gift of a few dollars here and there to help me and my family out.  We are so strapped for funds that my kids won't be having a real Christmas this year. ($818.00 a month doesn't go very far after rent and bills.)

      I have an FAQ page setup so it will hopefully answer any questions you might have. 

      Feel free to email me though if you have any other questions at: 

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