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Resident Rules




In Nevada they have a rule with the college that I am going to that you have to be a resident of Nevada for 12 months before you can be considered a resident. If I go to college they will charge me a $2,215.00 fee per semester.  (Click on the paragraph to go to the Community College of Southern Nevada web site, this will verify that they charge this fee.)

Even after I have been here a year I don't know 100% if they will consider me a resident. What they want for proof of residency are not things that I have. Click on proof of residency to see what they want.

If you really want to you can chat with a Student Services representative and find out about the fee.

They also have a PDF file which explains the whole fee in detail (This file is 4.1 MB to download, it is on the page that I have linked too and is on the right hand side under College Catalog & Schedules.  Look on page 22) 

That's not including other fees, books, supplies and transportation. See You Do The Math page for more info)


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