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Proof of Residence



Here is a list of what they want to prove you are a resident in Nevada. My comments are in a teal color.

A "nonresident" student who is a citizen or national of the United States may qualify for reclassification as a "resident" student if clear and convincing evidence is presented that he or she has been living continuously in the State of Nevada for a period of at least twelve (12) months with the intention of making Nevada his or her true, fixed, and permanent home. 

The following may be considered when reviewing an application:

A. continuous presence in Nevada for 12 months when not enrolled as a student;

B. permanent full-time employment (or the hourly equivalent) in Nevada for 12 months immediately prior to application; (I do not have a full time job...Of course I don't want to work full time for a year before going to college.)

C. conducting a business in Nevada; (I don't own a business)

D. admission to a licensed practicing profession in Nevada; (I am not licensed for anything in the state of Nevada.)

E. registration or payments of taxes or fees on a motor vehicle, mobile home, boat, or other personal property for which the state requires the payment of a tax or fee, for the 12 month period prior to application; (I do not own a car, mobile home, boat or any other personal property, neither does my husband.)

F. ownership, alone or with a spouse, of a home in Nevada; (I do not own a home)

G. address listed on a federal income tax return for calendar year immediately prior to application; (I won't be filling taxes this year since I wasn't employed, but last years taxes were from Ohio.)

H. address listed on selective service registration; (I'm female, so this doesn't even count for me or I would do it)

I. active membership in professional, business, civic, social or other organizations located in Nevada; (I'd have to join some group and not go to college for a year.)

J. maintaining active savings and checking accounts in Nevada for at least 12 months prior to application; (I do not have a checking or savings account.)

K. any other factor which would show an intent to abandon residence in any other state and to establish a Nevada residence.

The following factors standing alone are not sufficient evidence:

A. voting or registering to vote in Nevada;

B. employment in any position normally filled by an undergraduate student;

C. lease of living quarters in Nevada;

D. residence in Nevada of spouse or children;

E. possession of a Nevada drivers license.

C and E are usually enough proof to show in most states...but even at that I would have to wait till next year to go to college.)

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