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Send Your Gift



There are two ways that you can send your gift to me:

You can snail mail me cash, money order or cashier's check to my mailing address: 

Money order or cashier's check in the name Mary Graves.

Mary Graves
2217 Fremont Street #54
Las Vegas, NV 89101

(Note: mailing address is my real physical mailing sending money to someone you don't really know, but want to help and she has a PO Box, I couldn't afford one anyway.)

I would accept checks except I don't have a banking account (checking or savings) and it would be more difficult to cash those checks, plus, since it could be out of state checks they would charge me an arm and a leg to even cash them. (10% per check)


PayPal Account I have setup. I have provided a link and instructions for sending a gift to this account. (If you decide to use PayPal please be aware that for every $1 you give as a gift PayPal takes out .30 for fees, so if you sent me $10.00 I would only really get $7.00 in the end.)

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