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You Do The Math


Home Listed below is what I would expect from financial aid and Pell Grants along with the expenses of my going to college:
(All amounts are listed for one year, since financial aid gives based on a year or two semesters.)

Fee for not being a resident: $4,430.00
Books and Supplies: $500.00
Registration Fee: $5.00
Transcript Fee: $2.00
Technology Fee: $4.00
Transportation for a year (I use the bus system here): $360.00 (This is for a 30 day pass that I could use and costs $30.00 per 30 days.)

Total expenses for a year for college: $5,296.00

Financial Aid:
For the 2003-2004 school year they have determined the amount of aid available per student to be about $4,000...That is the maximum, which I should get.

As you can see I would still owe about $1,500.00 to go to college for a year.

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