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Updated:March 03, 2k3
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November 18th, 2015 [11:16pm] update submitted by: Michael
What's up, dudes! Hey, I got a little nostalgic the other day, and checked to see if this site was here... I suppose it is! Man, what a trip... Looking back, this site is sloppy, poorly written and just an overall mess... But I like it. Alright, Check this out:

-We still make bikes from time to time(I was on a streak a couple years ago) and Aaron and Tony recently started making some really legit looking lowriders together under the alias Tainted Illusions (Check out their facebook page here: Tainted Illusions )

Man, a lot has changed in almost 15 years, but I'm really glad I made this site to document a weird couple of years in all of our lives. Before we had jobs, spouses and responsibilities, we were just four fifteen year old kids just just being creative with welders and wrenches documenting our passion on a shitty angelfire page. I'm sure nobody but one of us four will even read this, with this page being as outdated as it is, but I hope I can come and look back in another 15 years and think of how cool those few years were.

Oh yeah, and to Aaron, Ricky and Tony, I love you guys and wish you the best.

Take care,


febuary 09, 2005 [11:54pm] update submitted by: Mike
Holy moly. Whats up chopper fans, I realize that it has been years since the last update, but a lot of shit has changed. due to the popularity of the custom culture, I felt not only obligated, but.... obligated to update. Well, how do I start.... Ricky moved, Aaron is working in vermont or rhode island or conneticut, tony is still ghetto and I have been working at a garage. Thats right, we SOLD OUT! we are now merely products of the car industry because times change. Although me and Tony have had some serious discussions for a comeback and possibly make some new bikes, we still have yet to put our money where our mouthes are. I appreciate all the mail I get, and although I usually don't respond, I still read them. I have had limited access to the internet for quite some time now. Man, ghetto fied bikes will always be around, or at least the ghetto-fied part.{Whether it be ghetto-fied guitars or ghetto-fied cars) well bike fans, maybe we will again ride, but until then adios. Oh yeah, and you probably wont see an update for a while, considering this is the first in 2 years.
March 03, 2003 [11:54pm] update submitted by: Mike
Ok guys, well we have a lot of BIG news... Our winter off-season is almost done. Monday night's 41 degree weather sparked an awesome ride. It was so nice that I rode the Schwinn Run-a-Bout, Tony rode the Huffy Rail, Afro put Thunder back together with it's new paint job and Ricky pulled out the NEW Postman. It was a good night and that influenced me to KILL this website with updates.6 megs and 4 hours will get you a lot things to look at. Look for the Links with the (has a image next to it at the right of the page to see a lot of new stuff, or just browse around and look at everything. We lost our digital camera so there might not be a big update until about a month. Until then, cherish these photos. Catch you later alligator.
Febuary 27, 2003 [8:06pm] update submitted by: Mike
Ahhh, crazy stuff guys. I added all of the pics I can scrape together. We will be adding more new pics in about a week or two. This winter sucks, it snows too much! Oh well once spring comes we'll be cruising, until then... bundle up!
December 4, 2002 [11:55pm] update submitted by: Mike
Hey dudes, we're still here, we just have been pretty lazy lately. Anyway, you guys should check out all of our stuff and you might have to hang in there for a while until we finish some of the projects we have been working on. until the next update, see ya.
June 26th, 2002 [7:03am] update submitted by: Mike
Ok dudes, it's been a little bit since the last update, but I think the new pics are well worth it. Have fun.
May 24th, 2002 [5:43am] update submitted by: Mike
I FINALLY added new pics. Hope you like them. Oh yeah, and if you are reading this PLEASE do not send me retarded hate mail. I got some good hate mail the other day and was surprised that these people would waste their time telling me how they do not like my site. If you would like to e-mail this guy, his address is: or Click Here to e-mail him. See you guys later and enjoy the new pics.
Not much really new. I made a section for our Vintage bike collection. Oh yeah, We are getting some cool feedback and are getting plenty of visitors. It's great! I bought 4 bikes at a garage sale last weekend for under $18.00 and am doing some extreme garage saling this saturday. I still can not help but laugh when I see the Hard Core Garage Salers. You know the type, the freshly washed van or truck, the serious look on the face, and who could forget the fanny pack which is a must. They'll spot a deal from a mile away! Well anyway, enjoy our website and if you are a die-hard garage saler, chill out man.
5/6/02 [11:48pm] update submitted by: Mike
Hey guys. We added plenty of bike pics and great things to look at since the last update. Oh yeah, AFRO is back in the fleet. We lost contact with him and about 3 months ago. HE CUT HIS AFRO!!! I know, it's horrible, but at least he still has thunder. You can find his bike and his profile on the Menu to the left. Enjoy!
4/29/02 [3:10 am] update submitted by: Mike
Holy freaking cow!!! Yesterday will forever go down in G.F. Bikes History. Let me explain, we were taking some action shots on our digital camera and cruising the mean streets of st.peters, when I suggested we stop by goodwill. Well, They were closed... But we went around back to their dumpster, hoping to find a wheel or something. That is when our world changed. I heard Ricky say,"Dude, there's a wheel."So we hopped right in to the dumpster to find three 16" bikes{tony called dibbs on them:^( }. That was pretty cool, until I saw a wheel hiding under some old shirts in the dumpster. I immediatly said, hey here's another one, I'm gonna get this one for myself." well, as tony started to pull it out I noticed that bike had a fender and as he pulled it out more and more I saw it was an antique style frame. I started screaming,"it's mine, It's mine." he pulled it up to the handle bar, and I saw the badge on the headtube...IT WAS A SCHWINN. Then I continued to scream it's mine, it's mine. DUDE it's a schwinn. As we got it all the way out, it turned out to be a schwinn stingray that was made in the bicentenial years. It was a girls frame, but hey I LOVE IT! That was just the beginning. We called tony's dad to pick up those bikes when he told us,"I saw some pipes hanging out of that dumpster by TOYS'R'US that you could use for a chopper." We went over there thinking we were the luckiest kids in the world, THEN OUR LUCK CHANGED! There wasn't just pipes for a chopper in that dumpster.. THERE WERE BRAND NEW BIKES AND PARTS! I'm serious that thing was filled with bike stuff. I guess they were clearing out old stock, but that was the coolest thing ever. We will now be able to build SOOOO many bikes that ALL BETS ARE OFF!! You could say Sunday, April 28th was a good day!!!!
4/23/02 [4:44 pm] update submitted by: Mike
Well, I'm awesome. Tony just welded my chopper frame after the good one broke and guess what, yep he put too much of a rake on it. I feel awesome. We now have pics and good stuff so check it out!
4/14/02 [12:56 am] update submitted by: Mike
This page was just recently started. Please give it some time. Expect pics by saturday.

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