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The Fleet
A chooper is a bike with a long, extended fork. Below are our choppers.

The Iron Horse

This is Little Dude's second bike he made. I've got to say, this thing is SLOW, Heavy and a bitch to ride with the Sky Scraper's Handlebars. It is still, however, a goofy bike. I can't say how long it will last but I know that when it does break, someone's gonna lose a limb!

Purple Haze'd

This is mike's tall bike. It rides horrible, but we built it in like 3 hours. It was once a chopper given to mike from someone who lives nearby and saw the website. I would like to add that handouts are welcome and encouraged!

The Clumbsy Waiter

This is mike's bike. We have been working on this bike forever, and has this frame has been on like 3 different bikes. and yes those ARE 6 foot long forks. This Bike finally broke down about three days after these pics were taken. We have worked on this bike for so long, but I think my newest plan will tkae the clumbsy out of this waitor.


This is one of the originals! Afro has been out of the gang for a while, but he's back! Afro and Thunder go hand in hand, you usually don't see one without the other. This is the first chopper in the fleet and is the only one of the original 3 bikes that started ghetto fied.(Mullet:the 7 & The yamaha motobike) Note: The first couple pics are thunder with Primer on it, the last few are thunder with it's new, great paint job!

The Postman

This is Ricky's chopper. He had to have one after Mike and Ern had choppers. The forks are made from seat posts pop rivited together.After we found so many seat posts in the dumpster, this was bound to happen sooner or later. He found out after the first pics were taken that a smaller wheel on the front is so much cooler for wheelies and such. The frame is not that raked, but still is a great ride. This is Ricky's second bike.

<---This is what many neighborhood children have seen by falling victim to the postman's brute force.

The post man has recently got a makeover. This is what it now looks like. It still has the seat-post forks, but now has a block-of-pad seat with the double chainring and a fat square-edged slick on the back. Nice look postman!