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The Fleet
Outrageous Originals
These are original concepts that are too crazy to fit in any other category

The Sky Scraper

This is the first tall bike in our fleet! It is like over 6 foot and is unforstunatly unrideable.It looks like we will make some modifacations, but this bike still looks cool! We need to run a vertical fork rather than the fork that goes diagnol.I still like the name,"leaning tower of ghetto" but sky scraper is fine. Watch for sky scraper 2 soon...

The Frogmobile

This bike is in finished. We are in the process of making this awesome cargo hauler an actual working bike(many technical difficulties). This bike has a car seat on it. It is a front wheel drive bike with many bedframes welded together for hauling purposes. This bike has the potential of being up there with the great bikes!

El iboM gorF

Well after the unfortunate death of the frogmobile, we didn't know what to do. We were close to throwing it out when Tony decided to make it into a trailer. We gave life to this beast and hope it'll last longer than it's older brother. Check back soon, when we make this the longest bike in the Garage. We plan to hook it up to the HUMMERZINE!!!

I have a boner

This is the newest addition to our dangerous fleet of bikes. This thing is only like 3 inches off the ground, making rides under mailboxes a breeze.

Turtle On It's Back

Turttle on its back is not only goofy looking but also a goofy riding expierence. This is a crazy concept that is often one of the forgotton bikes in the garage. Regardless, few men are able to tame this wild turtle.

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