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The Fleet
Long Bikes

The Limo

This is Ricky's Bike. This bike's construction is simple and turned out to be a very cool bike! It is just two frames welded together. Notice how shiney it is with all those crome parts on it! You can cruise on this monster! This thing can go so fast, I raced one of the neighborhood kids with one of those $1000 bikes and smoked him!

The Hummerzine

The Humerzine is a cargo beast. We like to refer to it as the Limo's ugly stepsister. This thing is made for off road and also has a trailer hitch. Recently we added a trailer hitch to the Frogmobile's rear end, pics of this soon.

The Limo XL

This is Ricky's newest addition to his Limo Series. This is his "SHOW STOPPER" he plans to actually go as for as to paint it and body putty it. Check Back soon for the finished copy.