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The Fleet
Slightly Unusual
Some of these bikes are modified, some aren't. All of these bikes are bikes you could ride everyday without too much trouble.

The Mullet '03(INCOMPLETE)

Thats right kiddies, the mullet is back. This is a sneak peak at the Mullet '03. It is incomplete now, but it will have a new Paintjob, a bigger frontwheel and a lot of other goodies, so check back in the spring when this bike is unveiled.

Orange Box

This is the bike that started it all!{besides the Original Mullet & the Yamaha. we don't have pics of either bike.} This is the first bike that Ghetto Fied Bikes has ever welded. This frame is so great looking. it is Tony's main cruiser. This bike has gotten Tony many Places. It has a five speeds and is just a great bike

Old School {aka Squeak The Screaming Mohican}

This bike is Mike's obsession. It may not be the nuttiest in the fleet, but this is a good bike. Mike bought the bike from a kid in the neighborhood for $10. He added the awesome paint job, banana seat, sissy bar, apehangers, and the Ghetto Fied exclusive seat post(you'll see these on most of out bikes.) Tony broke the mirrors and this dave kid broke the seat, mike is MAD!

The Pyro

This is This is just your average race bike. We use it to jump at trails and such. Not really a goofy bike(except the homo paint job), but good action pics


The El Camino! This bike was bought off of some kid for $5 in steeple chase. It was in horrible condition and the back fender was bent like a pretzel! Tony fixed that right up and made this average vintage bike in to one of our bad boys!

Monkey Bike

This was a christmas present for Tony on the christmas of 2001. It may not be too custom be still a pretty cool bike to cruise. Even though it's not welded in a billion places like th others on this web site, it still manages to get those 'goofy' looks from people.

The Californian Hero

I like this bike! This is just an average little bike with a 26" fork on it. Nothing speacial except it's a WHEELIE MACHINE!!! This bike also reminds me of my first custom bike... THE MULLET. This bike was just changed in to a chopper, as seen in the second to last picture. The fork broke minutes after it's creation cause ricky took it for a spin before it was done. Note: Tony's awesome wheelie and Mikes hair flowing everywhere in the first picture! The last picture, Mike just jumped off the thing for no reason.

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