Why Grantaire Drinks
RL Date:8/24/99
IC Date: sometime in 1831
[Javert: Dessa, of course, and Enjolras: Laura]
[Note: We had just finished an installment of the vampire story. I said I wanted something different, so I changed my name to Orestes and asked for an Ami. Dessa brought a puppet, which she named Pylades, and then she did the first pose with her char instead of the puppet...and we went from there...which is why the first line is a perfect R-ism, and not something Javert would Ever say. If you do not like the idea of boys in love with each other, do us a favor and read something else.]

Javert stretches up to the great statue and kisses gently the corner of his mouth. "Have a bottle of absinthe, you can pull off anything you put your mind to."

Enjolras stares, aghast as marble gets, at the odd police officer sitting in the middle of the back room at the Cafe Musain.

Enjolras says, "Monsieur, what are you doing here?"

Javert stands up in greeting. "Waiting for you, of course." He steps forward, once, twice, "Why do you think I'm here?"

Enjolras, of course, doesn't back up. "You have come to the wrong place, Monsieur. We are not even meeting now, you cannot prove that we are doing anything wrong."

Javert says, "I've more evidence than you might believe; the government is not so blind as you might think."

Enjolras says, "Then you have come to arrest me? A kiss is rarely a prelude to handcuffs."

Javert looks into Enjolras' eyes, eyes in which he sees a soul very much similar to his own. "Not today."

Enjolras blinks, then turns away. "You have been drinking more than my companions."

Javert says, "Despite watching you directing them all day from across the cafe, I have had nothing but water to drink, wanting to be completely in my senses when finally meeting you."

Enjolras actually takes a step back from this sideburned maniac. "Well. I can hardly say it pleases me to meet you, Monsieur...."

Javert reaches into his fob pocket, saying, "No? I am surprised. You and I have quite a bit in common, I believe, Marcelin." (He does his homework;)

Enjolras is surprised to hear his first name. "Such as what? And how did you find out my first name?"

Javert pulls his hand from his pocket, opens the snuff box removed from it, and offers the box to Enjolras. "Like the fact that you are insistant upon knowing everything about a situation. We keep tabs on you, of course, but you should already know that."

Enjolras refuses the snuff with a wave of his hand. He says, "If one does not understand what is going on, how can one make the right decision? I want to know what you want from me."

Javert takes a pinch and returns the box to his pocket. "Instinct." he says simply, and, taking his own advice, he removes his top hat, setting it down on a nearby table, and pulls Enjolras closer to kiss him again, deeply this time. "That's what."

Enjolras tries to push Javert off of him. "You're insane. But..."

Javert smiles, "I don't think so." He stays close, but backs off just a little, listening for the "But..."

Enjolras says, "How are you like me, then?" He doesn't push Jav away. Yet. He waits for the answer, one hand on the shoulder of the greatcoat.

Javert says, "I have seen you at work. You act precisely as I do at work. Serious, dedicated, willing to do absolutely anything for your cause. It is..." he smiles, "Admirable."

Enjolras lowers his eyes. "Thank you. But why kiss me for it?" He strokes one of Javert's sideburns experimentally.

Javert raises a hand to finger a lock of the beautiful blond hair, "You will believe me when I say I have never in my life seen another like us."

Enjolras thinks about that for a few minutes. "The world would be a very dangerous place if there were more." He tries for a kiss.

Javert of course allows it, and redoubles its pressure in return. In pausing for a breath, he comments, "Perhaps so... it would be easier were we together in views as well as attitude."

Enjolras says, "I will never support the king."

Javert says, "Nor I the republic... but if you would, I would not love you, so it does not matter, let's set it aside for now."

Enjolras whispers, "Love?" half under his breath, then says, "We shall agree to disagree. My mother always said not to discuss politics or religion under some circumstances. This must have been one she didn't think of, though."

Javert says, "Agreed." then, pausing to admire the form of this man, he adds, "Yes, I do not believe that she would think of this."

Enjolras says, "So did you just come here to stare at me and kiss me? You remind me of...nevermind."

Javert raises an eyebrow. "Another comes here to stare at you and kiss you? Shall I be jealous?"

Enjolras says, "He is unimportant. You are the one who is here."

Javert mumbles in an echo, "Unimportant... an interesting name. I'm Andrzej, by the way."

Enjolras says, "You misunderstand me. Kiss me again." He suits actions to words.

Javert complies, of course.

Enjolras looks at Javert's eyes. "We should go. If someone were to walk in..."

Javert nods and tears himself quite unwillingly from Enjolras' side. "I'll go first, you follow in a few, or else people will think you are being arrested." He brings up a hand from his new distance to stroke Enjolras' hair. "Where shall we meet?"

Enjolras finds himself at a loss. He says, "Perhaps it would look better if they thought I was being arrested. Then you'd have a reason for being in my flat. I know I cannot go to yours. That would be truly odd. Do you want it to seem as if you are arresting me, then?"

Javert smiles, the smile looking terribly out of place between the sideburns. "All right. You are a smart one, as I have heard." Then he replaces the smile with his customary scowl, and walks sternly to the door, hand grasping Enjolras' arm in a manner which looks tight but is not uncomfortable.

Enjolras tries to bow his head and look contrite and upset at the same time.

Javert opens the door and pushes Enjolras through the crowd, a few of which look at him, startled, and out to the street. "Where is it?" he asks harshly, for anyone who might be listening.

Enjolras mutters, "In the Rue de Fromage."

Enjolras * La La! I don't know French! La LA!

Javert nods shortly, and begins to walk toward the indicated street.

Enjolras stumbles along, trying to think of being arrested instead of...yeah. you know.

Javert pushes Enjolras along the street, "Which building?"

Enjolras says, "Third one on your left after this next corner, Monsieur Inspector."

Javert nods and puts on a fairly angry-looking face (for effect) as they pass nearby a group of people who stop their conversation to gawk.

Enjolras whispers, "There goes My street credibility. That one."

Javert steps up to the door and more or less demands, "Give me the key."

Enjolras gets it out of his pocket and hands it to the policeman.

The onlookers shake their heads and begin to gossip.

Enjolras stands with his proud head bowed, waiting for his captor to open the door.

Javert unlocks the door of the building and pulls Enjolras out of the gaze of the onlookers. "Is it on this floor?" he asks, looking around, wondering worriedly if there's a landlord or landlady.

Enjolras says, "The concierge is in bed. Second door on the right."

Javert releases Enjolras, then, and walks to the door, not very less sternly but a bit so.

Enjolras lets the beginning of a smile start on his face.

Javert is not sure if there's a seperate key for this room, and he tries the front door key in it.

Javert opens the door quietly and is temporarily stunned into pleased stillness by the overwhelming essense coming from the room.

Enjolras steps inside the room, then takes Javert's hand and pulls him across the threshold.

Javert is pulled, thus he must be allowing himself to be pulled. He makes sure to shut the door behind them.