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Simple to perform, amazing to watch!

This page contains the secrets to simple magic tricks that you can do, using things you probably have lying around your own house!  With everyday things like handkerchiefs, coins, and soda-pop, you can do amazing tricks, to mystify Mom, dazzle Dad, and fascinate your friends.  Most don't even require any practice at all.

Not only that, but once you understand these tricks, you'll understand the principles behind nearly every magic trick ever performed.

How to use this Website

Each trick is divided into three sections.  First is the WHAT THEY SEE section.  This tells what the trick will look like to the people watching.  Then comes the WHAT YOU NEED section.  It tells what items you need to make the trick work.  Last is the WHAT YOU DO section.  This section gives simple step-by-step instructions on how to do the trick, including the secret.

NOTE:  Sometimes as you read the instructions to the trick, you will see many of the words are in red letters and are underlined.  If you click on these words, it will take you to the glossary, to that specific word, where you can find out what it means.  Just click your browser's BACK button to go back to the trick you were learning.

Okay, enough of the chit-chat!  Let's get to the magic!

The Tricks!

Just click on a picture or its description to go to a trick.

Indian water cleaning trick!

Writing mysteriously appears on blank pages!

How to pull coins from nowhere!

One by one, dozens of balls come out of an empty hankerchief!


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