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Done that. Now what?

Most of the emails I get are from kids who want to know how they can learn more about magic. The answer? The same way you found this page--just look for it! And one of the best places to look are in books.

Here are some great books on magic. The underlined ones have links to, where you can buy them. The other ones, you should look for in your local library. Your library probably has lots of wonderful books on magic, for free--just ask a librarian to help you!

Books to Look For

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Mr. Mysterious' Secrets of Magic.

This wonderful book by Sid Fleischman is hard to find, but has some wonderful tricks. Look for it in your local library.

Magical Science : Magic Tricks for Young Scientists

Magic the natural way--through the wonders of science!

The Usborne Complete Book of Magic

A wonderful book by a wonderful publisher of non-fiction books for the young.

coverSpooky Tricks (An I Can Read Book, Level...

A book of tricks for those who aren't just new to magic, but also new to reading!

coverMark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

A complete enyclopedia of magic, with all the classic tricks and slights explained with illustrations. Is currently on sale at Amazon!

coverCoin Magic

The Klutz Book of Magic

From the guys at Klutz, a simple approach to magic. Includes super-secret gimmicks!

coverMagical Money Tricks

Trick money-maker included!

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