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This mini-dictionary of magic terms contains the words on the other pages that you may not know.  If you see a red underlined word in the definition, click on it, and it will bring you to that word!  They're all arranged alphabetically.

To get rid of something without being seen. Often, it's something you've gimmicked and don't want the audience to see.
The last part of a trick or show.  A magician usually tries to make this the best part.
Making someone pick a certain card when they think they have a random choice.  A good way to force a card is like this:
1.  Put the card you want the person to pick on the bottom of the deck.
2.  Flip through the cards slowly from the top to the bottom, with your thumb under the deck.
3.  Have them tell you when to stop.
4.  When they say stop, pull the top cards away, but with your thumb pull the bottom card with it, so it ends up on bottom of the top cards.
5.  Show that card to the person.  They'll think it's the card they said stop on!
A way of getting the audience to pay attention to something so you can do a secret move somewhere else.
To hide something in your hand in such a way that your hand looks empty.
The things you say while you're doing a magic trick.  Sometimes it is a story, or makes the audience believe something that helps fool them.  A form of misdirection.
Taking something from where the audience thinks it is without the audience knowing.
To replace something the audience thinks they understand with something slightly different.

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