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The audience is amazed as you pull ball after ball out of an empty hankerchief, putting them all into a hat.  But the audience is shocked to see that even though you put all those balls in it, the hat is empty when you finish!


1 large handkerchief
1 hat
1 lightweight ball (like a ping-pong ball or a small nerf paddleball)
1 piece of string about half as long as the handkerchief is wide.


The secret to this trick is that there's only one ball.  But because of careful performance, they think they're seeing lots of different balls.

1.  Attach the ball to the hankerchief with a string, as shown in the drawing.  When you hold the hankerchief by the corners so the ball faces you, like in the picture, the audience will not know there is a ball there.

2.  Then, if you roll the hankerchief, crumpling it, you can pull out the ball like it appeared from nowhere!  Be careful, as you pull it out, not to break the string.

3.  Drop the ball into the hat.  Then, holding the hankerchief by the corners, flip it over the hat so that when you lift it up, you steal the ball back out.  Then you're back to step one as many times as you like!

4.  For your finale, lift up the hat and show it empty. The balls have vanished!

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