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Everyone is shocked because even though it's clear your hand is empty, you grab coin after coin from behind their ears, under tables, even from thin air!


1 coin
1 thin strip of scotch tape.


1.  With a small piece of scotch tape, attach the coin to the back of your hand.  This lets you palm the coin behind your hand very easily while the front of your hand faces the audience.

2.  Begin with the coin hanging behind your hand.  Hold your hand naturally so no one will think something is in it.

3.  Find a place where you can put your hand where they can't see.  For example, under a table, or behind their ear.  Stick your hand there, and when they can't see it, flip the coin up so you can grab it with your thumb, then remove your hand.  It will look like the coin came from nowhere!

4.  Do this a few more times.

5.  For your finale, reach out into the air beside you, and flip the coin up into your fingers.  Don't do it too fast--the coin will come off the tape.  It will look like you grabbed the coin out of thin air!

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