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You stuff a blank paper into an envelope.  After mumbling a few magic words and waving your hand, you remove the blank paper, which now mysteriously has writing on it!


2 identical envelopes
2 identical pieces of paper
Something to write with
A little glue


1.  The drawing and the materials give away the trick.  To prepare, you glue the two envelopes together, back to back, so that when you hold them together it looks like one envelope.  This is called substitution.

2.  In one of the envelopes, put a paper with writing on it.  It could be your name, or a special message.  There's more ideas for what to write at the end of this trick, with the special tips.

3.  Set the envelopes in a place where you'll want to do the trick, with the empty envelope facing up and the blank paper close by.

4.  When your friends are around and you're ready to do the trick, pick up the paper.  Show it off to everybody.  Make a big deal about how it's blank.  This is called misdirection. Since everyone is paying attention to the paper, they don't notice the envelope as much.

5. Fold the paper the same way you folded the paper you wrote on.

6.  Pick up the envelope, being careful to keep the empty envelope facing your audience.  Put the blank paper in the envelope.

7.  You will again need to use misdirection.  Take the pencil (or whatever you used to write with) and wave it high above your head.  Look your audience in the eye.  They will either look at your eyes or the wand.  While you do this, turn the envelope over, so that the other side is face up.

8.  Tap the envelope with the writing instrument, and open up the envelope on the side you now have face up.

9.  Take out the paper, and show off the message!

10.  Everyone thinks the trick is done.  While they are looking at the paper, quietly put the envelope in your pocket, or somewhere else that no one will see it.  This is ditching the envelope.

Special Tips:

  • You can also do this trick the other way.  Put a blank paper in the envelope before the trick, and write all over the paper in front of your audience.  The writing will seem to vanish!
  • You can also do this as a card trick.  Write the name of a card on the paper, and then force that card to someone.  The name of the card will appear like magic!

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