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Quake II Manual
Gloom Mod.

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Tips Section

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I've created this part for people new to the mod "Gloom".


While building with a breeder or an engineer, the best thing to do is put all of your defenses towards/near the enemies base. IE: Say you start out on a map, you have 4 spawns and a few turrets/spikers up inside the base. Keep those up and move to a different area of the map and build what is called - a mini-base. This will have the other team thinking that is your main base, but in fact it is nothing less than a death trap. Best to also have more than 1 engineer or a breeder when you first start out so it gives you an advantage to killing the other team faster. 

If you're completely new to the game and not sure how to breed, DON'T BREED. You will end up losing the game if you have no idea what to do. Watch other 'skilled' people breed or engi before you decide to jump in and help. A wraith can lift a breeder up to high places: breeder must jump on top of a wraith, crouch and strafe back and forth. Or you can (slowly) build obstacles on top of each other creating an "ob ladder" to climb up, this takes precision building. Engineers have to use a bio to shoot them up on higher places. You used to be able to use mines to destroy and blow yourself up on something. But the bio's shoot you, and wee you go.


While attacking an enemy base, do NOT do this with just yourself or 1 or 2 other people. If you're in a game with very little people, lets say a 3v3, then you have no choice but to. But if the teams are around 11v11, take yourself and 5 - 7 other people if not, more to the enemies base. Exterminators and Heavy Troopers are good for getting high places for alien eggs. Kamikaze's and Drones are good for getting to high places as well to kill Human spawns.
Lets say that you're Alien: and you're a stalker, take a few kami's with you, a couple stingers, and a guardian to stay behind in case if an engineer decides to escape to build somewhere else. DO NOT LET BUILDERS LEAVE. While having this team attack, the stingers can take out defenses faster than a stalker can if they're up high to where they can slash at them. The kami's can take out the spawns after the stingers have cleared the area.
Say that you're a Human: And you're a mech, take a bio in case if there is guards, she can see them, a few exterminators, some heavy troopers, a few commando's and you're set for a full assault attack on the enemy base.
A good way is take a bunch of stalkers or mechs... the enemy will have no chance at all to do much of anything.



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