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Quake II Manual
Gloom Mod.

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Gloom Mod. Section

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Welcome to the Gloom section of my Quake 2 page. This part of the page is 100% dedicated to the Modification. Below is a little info about the two races "Humans" and "Aliens". And what they are strong against and weak against. In the BINDINGS section there is bindings for each Character. Most use the same bindings. You can hold up to 10 frags, after that it is time to spend them on something bigger and badder!

You can find me on the 1 - 40 OCLD Server as the following alias': stoned, Marilyn.Manson, D347H & DethDestruction. Don't be fooled by imitation stoneds. hehehe


Engineer: This unit builds the base and fixes other human units who needs armor or ammo. Make sure to have a depot laid down. Weak against all alien classes. - Cost: 0

Grunt: The grunt needs no frag points to use. When starting off, you have a choice of either this, or a Eng. Good for building up frags. Weak against all alien classes except for breeder. - Cost: 0

Storm Trooper: Equipped with shotgun shells and explosive shells. This unit can take out larger Alien classes and eggs with the Ex. Shells. Cannot be poisoned by Wraith. Weak against Gaurdian, hatchlings, Stalkers. Stingers fear ST's. - Cost: 1

Biotech: Has alien sight which can see aliens just as good as aliens can see you. They also uncloak any gaurds that are hiding in the area by using flares. This unit cannot destroy Alien spawning eggs. But with its shock treatment, it can blind aliens to allow any human to take them out with ease. Weak against most alien classes, but don't under estimate'em. Cost: 1

Heavy Trooper: This is a deadly unit but many get banned for using him. Heavy Troopers are equipped with 3 powerful rockets and a cap gun. To use, you must crouch, then hold in the left mouse button for 3 "beeps" seconds and it will fire. But watch, cause hatchling will run right in front of it and may kill you, or your base and other team mates... keep this away from your base! This unit can take out Eggs. A delicious treat for all aliens. - Cost: 2

Commando: This unit is ultimate at sneaking into the alien base. They are as quiet as the sounds in space... which means they make no sound when they walk or jump. They are equipped with C4 Explosive, 2 Frag Grenades for taking out eggs, a sub-machine gun and a magnum gun. This unit is weak against hatchlings, kami's, stinger's slash, drones. Its pretty immune to Wraiths but can still be poisoned by them. - Cost: 3

Exterminator: This unit can jump massively high for a brief moment. But be careful as to when you jump, it uses your ammo (cell power) as well. This unit is equipped with 4 grenades, pulse laser and laser rail. Good for getting in those hard to reach places for eggs. This unit is weak against Stingers. Cannot be poisoned by Wraiths. Can be mauled by anything if you gang up on them. - Cost: 4

Mech: A large mechanical unit that is equipped with powerful ammo. You have 100 of these to use. It cannot jump very high at all and when you do, it damages your mech a little. This unit is very weak against Kami's, Gaurdians, Stalkers & especially Drones. Make sure you have back up behind you. Cannot be poisoned by Wraiths. - Cost: 5


Breeder: Like the Engineer. This unit builds the base. This unit does not fix fellow alien classes. Build a healer to make your team happy. Weak against all human classes. - Cost: 0

Like the grunt unit, it costs nothing to spawn. This unit is really small and stealth. It is equipped with a grappling hook to grapple itself to ceilings, walls, and useful during attacks. Cannot kill spawning points. Jump at enemies heads to kill them quick. Its weak against all Human classes. - Cost: 0

This unit resembles the Biotech. It has a vicious claw and spits webbing to trap humans where they stand so you can feast upon their brains. This class jumps extremely high. Can kill spawning points. Drones are weak against most Human classes. Doesn't like the Exterminators rail either. - Cost: 1

This unit can fly, and jump pretty high. Its equipped with slashing claws and spit that poisons most human classes, you have up to 5 spit balls, and they repair/regenerate by themselves slowly. If you spit directly on any unit, it will either kill a grunt in a few hits, or injure other units. Cannot kill spawning points. This unit is weak against most human classes but you can dodge stuff real easy buy flying up and down, back and forth.. - Cost: 1

What a delightful character, this little spider is like the hatchling, but can take out a humans base with ease. If you have a bunch of teammates going kami, join in on the fun and kill the enemy! But remember, just like the hatchling, it is weak against most human classes and can be fragged real easily. If your body is lying there, let the humans blow themselves up with it, or even aliens... - Cost: 2

This unit can whip its tail and really rip apart enemies with it. But it also breathes fire and hurts units really badly. Fire cannot harm a mech, slash at them instead. (They can also breathe fire through thin glass, keep that in mind if there is an enemy on the other side. Only this unit can do that!) Try pinning a human against a corner and rip them apart, and take out humans defenses and can destroy their spawn points.. The Exterminator cannot harm you unless you are railed... that is unlikely though. They are weak against explosions/grenades and bullets. - Cost: 3

This unit is a mobile stealth watcher of the base. These guys loooove Mech's and will munch on anything else. They are equipped with a very deadly slash and has 2 spikers that stick to the floors. When a human is near them, they explode spikes and kill grunts, ST's, Bio's, HT's, & may kill a commado. When a commando drops C4, use +use command to eat it, and run to their base, or into a bunch of their units and wipe them off the face of the... uh... poly's! This unit does not like Exterminators at all... try to get behind them to kill them if possible. But anything, stay away from Exterminators and Turrets. Turrets kill you in one shot; no matter the armor. Stand still to gain more armor; it also becomes invisible to humans when you stand still.. - Cost: 4

A prime, large unit that can take out a base like nothing. Equipped with Spikes, 3 spikers that explode in a few seconds, and a lethal slash that can kill anything real quick. This unit is weak against Turrets, Mechs, Explosives, and Exterms. Don't get too froggy with these big guys.  - Cost: 5


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