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Quake II Manual
Gloom Mod.

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This will have a set
of links for chats for
Q2 IRC channels,
forums, and more.











Gloom Screenshots

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Engineer and Grunt on Human Base

Alien Stinger attacking Human Base

Stinger protecting base and Breeder building the base.


An admin caught using noclip?

An admin using summon teleport because he's getting their ass beat by aliens

A friend of mine always lags out in the game, sorry [We]Obey[eD], had to take a pic.

Me and a couple of people messing around making art with mines, obstacles & a prisoned hatchling

Me and Fork{Moo} messing around building tele's and eggs everywhere, then blowing them up.

The grunt you see on the left is a person that died, but the body still stands

A stinger tearing up the humans base with its wicked slashing tail

A heavy trooper firing at an alien egg spawn. It's best to kill them goddamn things!

Needless to say I got owned on this map. I wasn't even trying to play, was just getting screens, and they killed me. Those fuckers!

13 mines, 3 obstacles... who wants to die first?

I was playing all by my lonesome, so I decided to build a pyramid out of obstacles.

You are now a prisoner of war! The first person to hit the mines wins a cookie!

Again, I was bored, used all the build points towards spikers.


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