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Quake II Manual
Gloom Mod.

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Files and Tools for Quake 2

WARNING: By using any of these files/programs may result in you being banned from certain servers. Please don't use ratbot on any ones server other than your own. As for the other pak files, I am not the person who has done those pak files. If you have any problems with these programs, DO NOT contact me about them. Find the person who created them and bitch at them for it. I do plan to do my very own pak files in the future and will be listed in my own category of pak files. Now, you may download.

Updated on: October 21st, 2003.




Quake II v3.20 (Full) - 13.2 MB - This is the full installation of the Quake II point release. If you have not upgraded your version of Quake II yet, this is probably the file you need. Since most servers on the internet are running version 3.20 now, you'll definitely want to patch up!

BOTS: - 225 KB - This makes your normal running into super sonic speed. (I am not held responsible if you get banned for using this) - 65.0 KB - A Auto-aiming bot for Deathmatch play. Undetectable version. (I am not held responsible if you get banned for using this)

Eraser Bot 1.01 (FINAL!) - 8 MB - The Eraser Bot is a simulated multiplayer opponent, for use with id Software's Quake2. It has been developed with speed and accuracy in mind, so that you can play with more bots, with higher intelligence. Cannot be used with multiplayer use, just for practice use.

The CRBot - 183.5 KB - The CRBot. A great Quake II bot with support for teamplay modes. (I am not held responsible if you get banned for using this)


Pak Explorer - 98.5 KB - A tool to open and edit PAK files for Quake 2. Good if you want to edit the skins, textures, models, sounds, etc.

NPherno's Skin - 88.0 KB - A skin/model editing/viewing program for your Quake 2 Models and Skins.

Demoplay.exe - 1.24 MB - Play your demo's with ease! Just double click on them in your Quake2\..\demo folder.

Matrix Jump - 28.5 KB - This link does not work. I will still keep this posted though so if you run into it, let me know so I can upload it here.

Jaw MD2 Viewer - 32 KB - This program comes useful for viewing models and skins. This was recommended to me by Echon from Gloom.

WinBSP - 116 KB - This converts BSP maps in your pak files to MAP for editing.

World Craft Map editor - 1.68 MB - This is a map editor (shareware).


See for Modifications, I do not have enough uploading space to host mods.

PAK FILES: - This adds different textures especially for The Edge Death Match map. Put it in your Quake2\baseq2 folder. It will also change textures in other parts of the game that uses those sertain textures but it is meant for The Edge. - 1.58 MB - Here's a pak file for the Rocket Arena 2 Modification. This pak will fix that annoying Grappling sound that gets stuck and drives you insane. It also has new crosshairs, text and a shitty looking console image that has on it. There's more info in the readme file. Very kool to use!




Official Website(s):

ID Software - The home of Quake.

Server Searches: - Play Quake 2 and other kick ass games online!

GameSpy - This is like Kali.

The All Seeing Eye - One of the best server searches made. No advertisements, no pop ups, nothing. Just pure servers. Works with any game that has online playability!

Download Sites:

Planet Quake - This site is all about the Quake series.

File Planet - Your source for all of your Quake 2 needs & other games.

Polycount - Where to get the Models!

Quake Demos - Demos and Downloads on GameSpot UK, the most comprehensive gaming site on the Web. Offers the most up-to-date news, reviews, features, demos, links, hints & tips , cheats, and tech ... - Another good site for Quake stuff.

  Modification Websites:

Gloom -, this website hosts the Mod, Gloom for Quake 2. Check it out and download it!

TFQ - Transformers Quake II, Transformer Models, info and more shit, check it out.

Fan/Player Websites:

Quake 2 Database - Very good website for Quake 2 stuff.


Quake 3 Links:

Quake 3 Arena