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Captain John Barclay Fassit Company F 23d PA. Congressional Medal of Honor winner for his actions at Gettysburg.Enlisted as a private 1st troop Philadelphia city Cavalry on May 13th 1861. Trasfered to 23d PA. Promoted from 2nd Lt to 1st Lt and then to Adj. of David Bell Birney's Staff. Rejoined 23d as 1st Lt Company C and then promoted to Captain of Company F on July 18th 1862 for gallant service at Malvern Hill. Discharged September 1864. He is Buried in the Bronx NY. (see Virtual Cemetery)
Pvt. Charles Hogg Company D 23d PA. Mustered in August 16th 1862. Transfered to Company H 82d PA in September 1864. Discharged a vet June 17th 1865.
Coloniel Charles P. Dare of the 23d Pennsylvania Three Months Regiment . Charles P. Dare was born in 1824 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He worked at the Pennsylvania Railroad and was considered an expert in railroads just prior to hostilities. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Dare Recruited and took command of the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, the first regiment to leave the City of Philadelphia with arms. Because of his railroad experience, The regiment was taken from Philadelphia, To Wilmington and on to Perryville where it guarded the railroad lines to Baltimore. at the outbreak of the war this was a important but overlooked movement being that Maryland was a Slave/Border State. On April 21st 1999 a newspaper article from The Cecil Whig stated that his early actions may have saved the Union during the Civil War. A Month later, he successfully led troops to a defeat of Thomas (Later known as Stonewall) Jackson on June 17th 1861 at The Battle of Falling Waters . While on Campaign, Coloniel Charles P. Dare contracted tuberculosis and was forced to cut his service short. he mustered out on July 31st 1861 and turned over the regiment to Coloniel David Bell Birney. On October 25th 1863, Coloniel Dare Died in Philadelphia ,PA and was buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery. On April 11th 1864, he was disinterred and taken to Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia. He is Buried in Section W, Lot 209, Grave 1.

You can view his Final Resting Spot on the Virtual Cemetery Page 2 and his Soldier Index card Here .

You can view his Final Burial Record on Page 3 of The Burial Records Pages.

Pvt. Charles R. Slaysman Company H 23d PA. Mustered in August 24th 1862. Transfered to Company E 82d Pa in 1864. Discharged a vet June 17th 1865.
Lt-Col. Charles Wilhelm. Mustered in August 2nd 1861. Resigned from a physical disability on July 20th 1862.
Charles E. Smallwood and Richard Miller Pvts. Company G 23d PA. Miller wounded at Sailors Creek on April 6th 1865 just 3 daysbefore the surrender. Smallwood was Captured at Marye's Heights but escaped and joined in the charge of the wall. He re-enlisted and was trasfered to the 82d PA. Discharged a vet July 17th 1865.

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