The Holy Quipus

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A Quipu
The Holy Quipus
A Quipucamayoq
A drawing by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala

Most other religions have their beliefs written in some form of holy scripture - Christians have the Bible, Jews have the Torah, Muslims have the Qur'an, Hindus have the Vedas, and the Ancient Egyptains had the Book of the Dead, to name a few. These people can then engage in endless speculation over how to interpret the cryptic words contained therein. Wars have been waged and stupid bills have been introduced in Congress over such differences.

The Potato did not wish to be left out of the literary excitement. However, the Incas had no writing system. Some of them, such as Guaman Poma, did adopt the Spanish writing system, but mostly as a way to claim that they actually didn't worship The Potato and therefore should not be killed as blasphemers.

But the Incas did have the quipus, a system of knotted strings used to keep track of numbers. 45.2, for example. Or 34. Any number you like.

We here at The Potato God Worship Center are working hard to resurrect the use of the quipus, as it is much cooler than writing little marks on a piece of paper. Once a complete quipu language is developed, we will begin recording The Potato's holy doctrine in one massive wad of strings for future generations to argue about.

Visit this page for more info on quipus and to see the pictures we stole from them.

Though we here at The Potato God Worship Center firmly believe that AOL is the work of the antipotato, we have found AOL Instant Messenger to be a useful program and have created the image you see to the right as an AOL IM "Buddy Icon." Feel free to steal it. Quipu Buddy Icon

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