The Antipotato

New Development: The antipotato has enlisted the help of a group called "The Pantheonova" to help undermine the worship of The Potato. They must be stopped at all costs.

Until very recently, it was believed that the main threat to the worship of The Potato came from established and well-meaning (if sadly mistaken) religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, The Holy Turtle, and the Church of Elvis.

How foolish we were.

Potato Prophet Dave, who brought you the good news of The Potato, has had another revelation, one that is shocking and horrible in its implications. He has discovered:

The Antipotato!

We do not know his true name yet, but the term "antipotato" encompasses his purpose: To destroy the good works of The Potato.

We call upon all of our faithful worshippers to reject this diablocal menace and his nefarious plots wherever they are encoutered. The following is a list of the organizations which we have determined to have links to this heinous being:

Frightening image supplied by the Brunching Shuttlecocks

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