We here at The Potato God Worship Center are forever indebted to the assistance of these secular people and organizations:

Dave Wininger For telling us "I'm not posting any more of your stupid Potato Hymns. Get your own page!" as well as for introducing us to Angelfire.
The World Rock-Paper-Scissors League Where the original Potato Hymns were posted. Also the source of many code tips.
For allowing us to have a page when we still didn't know squat about HTML.
The Potato Association of America We have ruthlessly stolen their potato images.
The Bibliotheque Nationale of France The source of the mideval art in our logo.
The Brunching Shuttlecocks They "gave" us Smilin' Willy Gates on the antipotato page.
Reuters New Media The finest pictures of President Clinton, George W. Bush and Bill Bradley a potato could ever want.
The Associated Press Photos of John McCain and Al Gore.
Whoever invented Photoshop We'd worship you if that weren't blasphemy.
Emily Brontë Without Wuthering Heights, there'd be no 491 Sins list.
Señor José María Elvir For the Spanish lyrics to "Old MacDonald".
The Inca Civilization For first bringing Acsumama into the world. We miss you guys!!
Dr. Clive Ruggles We don't know him, but he put a picture of a llama being sacrificed where we could get it. The picture, that is.
Howard "The Howie" Marron He is responsible for the original potato poster on the history page.
L'Annuaire Palmerton High School's yearbook, in which the picture of the Trail Mix Club was first published. Muchas gracias a para su imagen de un quipu, y de una pintura de Guaman Poma, y esta oportunidad para usar el español.
Sun Spiced A good secular site, where we found the Nazca Potato God.

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