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MARIANNA PA: Agnes & Rachel Mines

The Marianna Tipple was the most modern Bituminous mine in the world when it was built in August 1906.

Mary Ann Feehan Jones, wife of David G. Jones, for whom the town of Marianna was named.

James Jones [center] Chairman of the Pittsburg Buffalo Company with his sons, John H. and David G., inspecting the Marianna properties. Mining began as soon as the tipple was built. By 1911 the town was complete with an Amusement Hall fully equipped with bowling alleys, billiard tables, skating rink and picture shows.

In 1907 the Pittsburgh-Buffalo Company contracted the construction of 282 houses and a boarding house. All houses, except 21 frame houses that were built for the early workers, were built of yellow colored bricks. The bricks were made by the Johnetta Plant of the United States Sewer Pipe Company. At that time, Marianna was considered to be a "model mining community". Each house had a bath, hot and cold running water, and electric light. The streets are graded and have concrete sidewalks with shade trees planted along side them.

This is the Superintendent's home, July 4, 1910.

One of the yellow bricks made by the Pittsburg Buffalo Company for the town of Marianna. The same color was used for all the homes, schools, churches and coal operations.

An early photo postcard of the tipple.

View of Tipple, Washer, Boiler House, Coke Ovens and Power Plant at the Rachel Mine. From 1912 postcard.

Another view from a vintage postcard.

Emergency Hospital in Miners Bath House.

Washington Observer - November 30, 1908
Contrary to the article above, Fred Elinger did recover from his wounds to become the only survivor.
Read the Holmes Saftey Association HSA Bulletin from 1999 about the disaster. Page 17.

View of the the railroad yard at the Marianna Mine Disaster. On November 28, 1908, 154 miners were killed in the Rachel and Agnes shafts. It is the 10th worst coal mining accident in US history according to the World Almanac. My Great-Grandfather William Judson Holsing was the Assistant General Manager at the time.

Click here for large high-resolution image.

Real Photo Postcard taken at the scene of the accident. My Great-Grandmother, Mary Agnes Jones Holsing, {1877-1962} wife of W.J. Holsing, provided aid at the disaster according to the Washington Observer. (Nov. 30, 1908, p. 1) Read the true story of the Marianna Mine Disaster.

Coffins provided by the company arrive by train.

Funeral for victims of the Marianna Mine Disaster at Scenery Hill. December 1908. It should be noted that the Jones family paid for all the funeral expenses for the victims. They had a history of treating their employess better than the typical stories told of mine owners of that time.

Beeson Street in Marianna. This area was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

From The Old Miner
Marianna Mine (ca.1906- ? ), Marianna, Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA
Owners: (ca.1906- ? ), Pittsburgh - Buffalo Coal Company,
(ca.1923-1988), Bethlehem Steel Company, Bethlehem, PA

Mine Inspectors at MariannaA fire in 1988 closed the mine for good.
CLICK here to see Marianna today.
Thanks to Lisa and Chris for the link to Modern Marianna.

Inspection party, composed of Secretary of the Interior, Ballinger; Director of the Bureau of Mines, Dr. Joseph A. Holmes; Dr. J. J. Rutledge and two others; with a Bureau of Mines rescue car in the background at Marianna, Pa. (Rachel & Agnes Mines of the Pittsburgh Buffalo Company - December 1907).

Image from: Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

Marianna 2005: You can see all the company homes in rows on the left.