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IVILL MINE: 1881 Monongahela City, PA
#19: Ivill Mine

This image is from a panoramic map of Monongahela drawn by T. M. Fowler in 1902. The mine is listed as being the property of the Monongahela River Consolidated Coal & Coke Company who purchased all the properties of Jones and Sons in 1899. All facts lead me to believe this is the Ivill mine. What looks like housing is to the left of the mine. The powerhouse is to the right. Most of the mine locations were so remote they needed to provide their own power. Not a problem. They had plenty of fuel! The Ivill Mine was originally named after James Jones' wife, Ann Agnes Ivill.

#8 is the Anton Brewing Company and #9 is the John Anton and Son Handle & Lamp Factory in Monogahela City. Notice the steamer pushing coal barges up the Monangahela river. Steamers were relegated to being the workhorses of the rivers at the turn of the century. For decades they were the primary mode of transportation for people and goods. The railroad had taken over during the latter part of the 19th century. The Jones family sold this property and all their shipping rights in 1899. All new operations would ship by rail. In 1915 John J. Ivill purchased the property and started the Ivill Coal Company.

From Genealogy of the Warne Family by George Warne Labaw, 1911
"The upland portion of Joseph P. Warne's farm was underlaid with the celebrated Pittsburg coal vein, which he leased to his son Hiram A. Warne, Robert Coulter, and Jonas Crowthers in 1862, with right to mine. Mining operations were successfully conducted until 1881, when the mining rights were sold to James H. Jones, who recently sold them to the Monongahela River Consolidated Coal and Coke Company, the present owners. The upland is also underlaid with valuable building and paving stone."

From "Reports of the Inspectors of Mines" 1890
Colliery: Ivill | Operator: James Jones | County: Washington Superintendent: James Jones | Post Office Address: Monongahela City, {commonly known as Mon City}

Total production in tons: 106,867 - Days worked: 277 - Number employed: 202 - Fatal accidents: 3 - Kegs of powder used: 300 - Horses/mules: 9

Miners killed: Benjamin Feree, March 5th - John Raffin, April 3rd - John Taylor, April 7th

Ivill mine:
On my last visit to this mine I found it in fair condition as regards to ventilation and drainage; in my annual report for 1889 mention was made in regard to the delay in putting the fan into position, it has since been done and is giving, at present time, pretty good results and all that is needed is for the person having charge of the inside to properly distribute the air current.

From "The Old Miner"
Ivill Mine (Ivil Mine) (ca.1889- ? ), located on the Monongahela River, and the Pennsylvania and P. & L. E. Railroads, near Monongahela City, Washington Co., PA
Owners: (ca.1889- ? ), James Jones Company, Monongahela City, PA
(ca.1898- ? ), James Jones Company, Monongahela, PA
(ca.1903- ? ), Monongahela River Consolidated Coal & Coke Company, Pittsburg, PA
(ca.1919- ? ), Ivill Coal Company, Pittsburgh, PA
(ca.1920- ? ), Ivill Coal Company, Pittsburgh, PA

Jones, James (Superintendent, ca.1898, Ivill Mine, for James Jones Company.)