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Margaret, Mary and RachelAlthough this page has a title for Mary Agnes Jones, the majority of her biography is on her husband's page: William J. Holsing. This page is more about her sisters.

The women in the photo are: Margaret Stella Jones Vichestain {1881-?},
Mary Agnes Jones Holsing {1877-1962} and Rachel Elizabeth Jones {1876-1917}.
They were at a family photo shoot in 1905.

Mary Agnes Jones was one of six sisters. The oldest was Sarah Ann Jones, born in 1865, who married John W. Livingston in 1883. They had one child, James Jones Livingston born in 1888. I believe the boy died as an infant. Sarah died from typhoid fever in 1898.

Rachel Jones was the second girl in the family after all the boys were born. The brothers are the ambitous men who ran the Pittsburg Buffalo Company. Rachel was born in 1876 and died in 1917. She never married. As a boy I found her Bible in my Grandmother's house. I remember it was a large heavy book with a metal hasp and the edges of the pages were gold. It was filled with personal momentos from her short life. There were plenty of dried flowers, hair ribbons, ticket stubs to shows, and a four leaf clover. Typical stuff a sentimental girl would save. She never married and died just months after turning 30.

Jeane Ellen Jones, born after Mary Agnes, died in 1879 after surviving just four months.

Margaret Stella Jones was born in 1881 exactly two years to the day after Jeane was born. She married Joseph H. Vitchestain in 1906. They had two girls, Jessie Ann Vichestain and Mary Agnes Vichestain.

The last child born to the James Jones and Ann Agnes Jones was Mary Anne Viola Jones in 1882. She only survived three weeks. The death rate amoung infants in this time was very high. Ann Agnes Ivill gave birth to thirteen children in nineteen years!