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HOLSING FAMILY PHOTOS: from Monica De Simone
Hello cousins and friends. This page is dedicated to Holsing family photos sent in by my second cousin Monica De Simone. Our grandfathers, William F. {Ted} and James J. Holsing were brothers. I have enlarged most of the photos to capture the details better. You may see these photos and others on their personal pages.

Ted and Stella
William Frederick Holsing and Margaret Stella Holsing taken by The Weller Studio, about 1901, in Canonsburg, PA. The third and youngest sibling James Jones Holsing would be born about a year after this was taken.

William, Mary Agnes, Stella, and James J.
William J. Holsing and his wife Mary Agnes with Stella and James J. at the Smithfield Street home in Canonsburg, PA. My best guess is early 1929. Notice the bushes and vines have no leaves.

Mary agnes Jones Holsing
Mary Agnes Jones Holsing poses in front of the family car. I believe the auto is a new 1929 Ford Model A Sedan. Check out the glare coming off the fender.

Stella Holsing
Stella Holsing looks striking in her fur. You can see Canonsburg in the background on the right.

Ted Holsing about 1950 Mary Helen Holsing about 1930
William Frederick Holsing about 1950 and his only child Mary Helen Holsing about 1930.

Jake Moore and Stella Moore Stella and her mother Mary Agnes
Stella and her husband Jake Moore in Florida, probably Port Orange. Stella and her mother Mary Agnes about 1955.

Ted, Mary Agnes & Stella
Ted, Mary Agnes and Stella in Florida about 1960.