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Osceola 1878
Ivill 1881
Catsburg 1889
Rostraver 1890
Gallatin 1897
Johnetta 1899
Hazel 1902
Marianna 1907
Francis 1903
James Jones 1835
John H. Jones 1866
Thomas P. Jones 1868
William I. Jones 1869
David G. Jones 1871
Harry P. Jones 1873
Mary Agnes Jones 1877
E. Frank Miller 1882
William Ivill 1819
Ann Agnes Ivill 1845
John J. Ivill 1862
William C. Ivill 1881
Harry E. Ivill 1885
W. F. Holsing 1840
W. J. Holsing 1869
Fredrick Holsing 1896
Stella Holsing 1900
James J. Holsing 1902
Holsing Family Photos
Patzsch Family 1912
James Jones 1912
Ann Agnes Ivill 1895
David G. Jones 1915
William I. Jones 1905
W. J. Holsing 1929
John H. Jones 1959
John H. Jones Mayor '05
James Jones B-day '07
James J. Holsing James J. Holsing: My father. Caretaker of all the historical family documents and photographs. Son of James Jones Holsing.

Agnes Mae Holsing Buck: My Aunt. My father's sister, daughter of James Jones Holsing.

Emma Mae Patzsch Holsing: 1901-1988 My Grandmother. Born and raised in Canonsburg PA. Wife of James Jones Holsing 1902-1966. Inspired my interest in Genealogy.

Monica De Simone: My 2nd cousin. Daughter of Mary Helen Holsing, granddaughter of William Frederick Holsing of Canonsburg PA. Provided that Holsing line to present day.

Kimberly Jones: Wife of David G. Jones III my 3rd cousin. Provided lineage from David G. Jones to present day. Miami FL.

Betty Lou Ivell Betty Lou Ivell: Wife of James Ivell, my 3rd cousin twice removed. Provided obituaries, marriage documents, timelines and other family tree information. My best contact!

Kathleen Atkinson Kuhn: Provided lineage of Mary Ann Feehan Jones the wife of my Great Grand Uncle David G. Jones. Mary Ann Feehan Jones is her Grand Aunt.

Helen S. Durbin: Transcribed Marianna Mine Disaster articles from 1908 Washington Observer. Nearly 20 pages! Greene Co., PA

Chris Hood: Grandson of E. Frank Miller, Executive Officer for the Pittsburg Buffalo Company. Currently writing a book with his brother that will include the story of E. Frank Miller and his life with the Jones family and beyond.

James T. Herron Jr.: Noted historian of Canonsburg PA. Posted online story and images about the history of coal mining in Canonsburg. Editor 2002 Canonsburg Bicentennial. Helped me order a copy.

Lisa and Chris DellaMea: Coal Mining Historians. Coal Camp USA Modern images of Marianna and other coal patches in Western PA.

Marvin Munster: Sent me article about Johnetta reunion after the town was razed. His mother-in-law was born there. Her husband Robert Barnaby was the Manager of Johnetta.

Marta Burns: Provided some documentation of the sale of the Ivill mine in 1881 to James Jones.

Lori J. Selway-Mounts: Her great grandfather Michael Stevens, a Russian immigrant, was killed in the Marianna mine disaster of 1908. Glendale, AZ

Betsy Pursh: Ivill descendent. 3rd Cousion twice removed. Pittsburgh, PA

Kim Jenkins: Great Great Grandaughter of Thomas Marion Jenkins, owner of the T. M. Jenkins Coal Company.

Katy Blair: Grandaughter of Mary Hannah Jones, cousin of the Jones family. Unknown relationship.

The Jones Interests: 1905 Text from family plaque. Unknown author.

T. M. Fowler / Map ArtistThaddeus Mortimer Fowler: (1842-1922) Panoramic map artist. Collection at the Library of Congress.

Armstrong County, PA: Her People, Past and Present, J. H. Beers & Co., 1914

Between Two Rivers: Published by the Elizabeth Township Historical Society in 1976

Reports of the Inspectors of Mines: 1890 Pennsylvania Department of Internal Affairs

Pittsburgh : Western Pennsylvania Biographical Association: 1923 A work for newspaper and library reference / compiled under the direction of the James O. Jones

Story of Pittsburgh: 1908 Published by the Pittsburgh Gazette.

History of Pittsburgh and Environs: 1922 by George Thorton Fleming

Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA): U.S. Department of Labor

Holmes Safety Association Bulletin: 1999 online article about Marianna mine disaster.

The Old Miner: Virtual Museum of Coal Mining

Historic Pittsburgh: Online digital collection published by the University of Pittsburgh. Historic books of Pittsburgh and the surrounding Western Pennsylvania area. Fantastic resource!

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