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Yorkie Photos


Mollie at one year old and 3 1/2 pounds. Mollie now lives in the DesMoines area with her new owners. Her mom is Ashley and her dad, Mork. Georgous isn't she??

You've Got Mail!!

Why oh why, didn't I keep this GEOURGOUS dog??!! Its KD at one year.



Now living with a wonderful couple in New Mexico. Pixel is training for obedience and agility!!
Her Mom-Chelsea, Her Dad-Teddie

Obie Bear

Obie has that 'I could do no wrong' look! What a darling face! Obie Bear lives in Kansas with his proud parents. Mom Ashley - Dad Teddie

Sam at 7 Months

Getting in the Spirit!! Sam is owned by Sharon James in St Joseph, MO

Maggie Mae of Kansas City

Sporting a georgous silk coat. Isn't her color beautiful?? :)

Maggie Mae again

Now that must have been a BIG day!!

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