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Teddie's Page - Awards

Want to win Teddie's Terrific Site Award?? Email me!
But do sign my guestbook first ok? It just may increase your chances of winning!! Won't it look beautiful on your page?

On to awards and gifts Teddie has won!! Thanks to all.

My newest award from a sweetie little gal :)

We are honered to be friends with such a heroic dog!

We are honered.

Thanks you adorable two!!

Thanks Cathy!!

My Thanks to Darla!!
Teddie just loves Darla's Page!!

"Hugs and Puppy Kisses" are given at Maxx & Carley's Page!!
Teddie gives "Slurpy Kisses" back for thanks!!

     Cool Site Award
Shooter's Cool Site Award
What an honor!! Shooter Rules!!

An award from my frisky little friend!!

Cool Award!!

Dixie is Tops!!

Sparky Loves Me Too!! Yea!!

WillieGirl's Domain

Ozzie McMutt's HideOUT

Thanks Again and Again!!
Julie and Simba are soo patient! :)

Next Page Of Awards!!

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