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Yorkshire Terriers - Yorkies Quality pups for sale in Missouri. Tired of those underlined links

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Click here to view available puppies at our new website!!

Feel free to dig around my Yorkie site!! You will find several fun pages for Yorkie and dog lovers. Quotes, cards, fun links and more....Please share what you can to help my site to grow!! We raise quality yorkie puppies in northwest Missouri. We love the breed and enjoy sharing them with you thru this site.

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Chelsea took first place
in Julie and Simba's Pet Contest!!
Then on to win first in the
First Place Winners contest

Stop by Julie and Simba's they
have a great site to check out.

Chelsea is carrying her nose
a little higher since the contest!!
But hey, I guess she deserves it!

The Yorkshire Terrier

There are many little terrier dogs
Of every size and hue,
But the one I'd like to mention here
Is shaded tan and blue.
He's a cocky little devil
And he isn't any saint,
But a sappy little lap-dog
Is the very thing he ain't!
He struts along the garden path
His eyes boot-button bright,
And God help any straying cat
That comes into his sight.
His owners fear no burglars
For every sound he hears,
The softest, quietest footsteps
Will not pass his pricked up ears.
And if he is disturbed at night
Or danger is at hand,
He makes more of a racket
Than a fifty piece brass band!

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