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Bisma reduced my images so that my pages load faster!! How could I have managed without him? If you are in need of his services, he is SO kind to work with!
Bisma also does professional looking banners at a charge.

An easy way to add your site to search engines!

Free Website Promotion Tools!
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These guys are the providers of my guestbook, forum, and greeting cards!! Aren't they grand!!

As for graphics...there are so many wonderful sites.Try these...

Rhiannon's Realm-Great Backgrounds, of course Teddie Stars!

Dog Gone Graphics - a nice collection

Lots of graphic sets here

Thanks Gloria for the TeddiE-Greeting backgrounds!

Great animal buttons at this site! And a very helpful Webmaster too!!

BowWow Meeow!
Great icons here!

Be sure and visit Kitty Roach for very professional graphics.

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