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Yorkshire Terriers - Yorkies Quality pups for sale in Missouri.

We have been raising high quality pet and possible show prospect Yorkies in Northwest Missouri for 18 years. If you are looking for a special puppy, send me an email, I might be able to help! Puppies often available. Our prices are reasonable, email to see. I discourage shipping as it is very stressful on tiny puppies. If you are a local buyer or can arrange for pickup, read on!! These little guys range from 3 1/2 pounds to 6 pounds. Teddie (pictured below) is one of my favorites!! All puppies are raised in the house with me, so are started on housetraining, and very sociable! This is due to the large amount of time my kids spend with them!!

I love my dogs and want others to love the puppies they purchase from me. Please be prepared to tell us just what you are looking for. I would be glad to sell to the pet owner, breeder, or someone with show interest. But I do need to know up front just what you are looking for, and what you have to offer one of my puppies. You may be asked alot of questions!! Puppymills need not apply.

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Meet Teddie

Teddie is a playful 3 year old. He loves to jump!!
When Teddie gets excited, (as in treat time) he will
almost jump into your arms!!

He loves to be close and will snuggle into the small
of my back at bedtime. He is a real friendly and lovable

Teddie weighs 6 pounds and may be the dad of some
of my puppies. Their personalities could not be better!
Click Here for Teddie's Pedigree

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea is a doll!! She is the light in her Mom's eye!
She gets a lttle annoying each morning. When
everyone else is sleeping, she reminds me that first
thing in the morning is treat time!! Chelsea squats
down on the front (with her behind sticking up in the
air) and barks and barks! She does not give in until
she has received her treat! But I have to forgive her
for being so noisy when she does her cute little begging
trick. She will also stay, even when I am out of site!!
That is a hard one!! Chelsea also sleeps in my bed and
jumps in my face for kisses each night as I lay down!!
When I decide I have had enough, I just say "OK
bedtime" and she knows it is time to go down to my
feet to bed!! Are you getting an idea of what my bed looks like?
Chelsea weighs in at 5 and 1/2 pounds and is a very intelligent dog!!
Click Here for Chelsea's Pedigree

Meet Baby

Baby is our new girl and we have high hopes for her puppies!! Baby is 5 1/2 pounds,
has a dead level topline and good tail set.
She has an adorable little face too!! She
is a very playful, active, yet loving dog.
As a yorkie should be :) Baby is
champion sired. We hope to have some
very pretty puppys from her soon.
You may view her pedigree by clicking below. Click Here for Baby's Pedigree

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