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Flint River Ranch Independent Distributor

Independent Distributor #JPB6
Flint River Ranch Premium Dog Kibble

Love This Flint River!!

This Web site is not the official Web site of the Flint River Ranch Company. This site is owned and operated by FRR Independent Distributor JPB6. Any pricing, policies, including discounts, claims and return policies, may not necessarily be those of the Flint River Ranch Company and are only supported by the distributor who owns and operates this site. If you are already a customer of Flint River Ranch and this is not your original distributor or their website, your distributor may not receive credit for an order placed on this site.

Flint River Ranch is shipped to your door via UPS, direct from the manufacturer, so you don't wonder how long it has been sitting on the shelf. The kibble is made fresh 3 times weekly :)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or return prepaid the unused portion within 30 days for full purchase price refund. Best if served within 5 months of purchase. Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Profile(s) for All Life Stages.

For 19 years, I have been changing dog foods back and forth looking for the best one, always going back to the least expensive brand, as their seemed not much difference in them all. Now, I have found Flint River, and LOVE it! And so does Teddie :) We are really excited to share this opportunity with you. My dogs did make changes on Flint River. Within 6 weeks they had muscle tone that was far superior to the muscle tone they had before. By 4 months on the kibble I stopped using conditioner on their haircoats at bath time. Even without it they have soft, shiny coats! They are being healed from within. Below is what we found when doing research on Flint River and other brands. The decision is yours.....please call for a sample of Flint River at a reduced cost, if you decide to give it a try. You and your dogs won't regret it!

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Oven Baking -

The Key to the Very Best Dogfood!

Ingredients are very important, and Flint River Ranch uses the very best. Another important factor is Flint River Ranch’s Oven Baking Process, which makes the food Easier to Digest.

Oven Baking breaks down hard-to-digest starches into easily digestible dextrins. Oven Baking produces a very rich food. The smaller morsels are important; they will be digested very quickly in the pet's system helping create immediate nutritional value for your pet. The larger, crunchy kibble naturally cleans teeth, exercises the gums and freshens breath.

Other premium dogfoods, even the ones that use wonderful ingredients, make their dogfoods by a “steam extrusion” process. This process (steam extrusion) expands the food with air creating a uniform shape. Extruded foods do not digest into a dog's system as quickly and efficiently as Oven-Baked foods, and sometimes cause diarrhea. Pet owners will find less odor and stool clean-up! The secret to good nutrition is not how many nutrients are present in a dog's food, but rather , how available they are and how efficiently they can be utilized when digested. The good value is baked-in, not sprayed on.

The Chicken Meal, Rice and Lamb formula of Flint River is nutritionally complete and balanced for all stages of your pet's life according to AAFCO Nutrient Profiles for Dog Foods. No Artificial Colors No Artificial Flavors No By-Products No Chemical Preservatives No Ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT All Natural Ingredients - plus Essential Vitamins and Minerals. All natural ingredients - plus essential Chelated Vitamins and Minerals.

Most brands of dog food include some by-products and chemical preservatives. The use of low quality products and chemical preservatives may be associated with dry skin, allergic reactions, dental disease, poor health and degenerative organ disfunction. The average dog (44 lbs) can consume 26 lbs of preservatives each year.

Flint River is concentrated for better nutrition, palatability and digestibility, you will feed from 20% - 40% less than other foods.

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Helping you to read Flint Rivers Label

Chicken Meal -
chicken which has been ground or otherwise reduced in particle size. We use only human grade chicken in Flint River Dog kibbles. No feathers, beaks, etc.

Fish Meal -
Fish are very good sources of protein, essential fatty acids (Omega 3’s) and minerals. Omega 3 fatty acids from fish are helpful in preventing disease, controls skin inflammation, helps relieve itching & hot spots, and dry skin.Fish is shipped to Flint Rivers manufacturers fresh and made into Fish meal. The advantage is that any purchased fish meal would be denatured with charcoal, BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin.

Grains -
Flint River Ranch purchases grains from companys like General Mills and Pillsbury, not direct from the farm. The cost is greater; however, we are insured of receiving the finest quality without the risk of mold or other harmful toxins.

Flax Seed -
(Omega 3)Rich source of Omega 3 an essential fatty acid. Helps reduce allergy problems caused from flea bites and gives the coat a shiny luster. Flaxseeds are righ in omega-3, magnesium, potassium(which aids in water retention which puts pressure on swollen joints) and fiber. Good source of B vitamins, protein and zinc. They are known to lower cholesterol in the blood.

Lecithin -
Helps improve fat and protein digestion. Essential for healthy, nerve, brain and liver functions. Source of essential fatty acids for coat conditioning and also for a shinny coat. Helps blood vessels and arteries remain free of fat deposits and plaque.

Whole Fresh eggs -
This is the Highest rated source of usable Protein, and rates above all meats and meat products. Shells are a great source of Calcium Carbonate good for strong healthy teeth.

Source of quality protein for building healthy muscles and hair. Effective repellent of fleas and ticks naturally.

Kelp is a type of seaweed that is known to be a great source of iodine, calcium and potassium, for stronger teeth, bones and muscle.

Alfalfa Meal-
Alfalfa has been used as a food, medicine and a nutritional supplement. Alfalfa seeds and sprouts are nutritious and provide beta-carotene and many important nutrients. They are rich in protein, contain eight essential amino acids as well as the vitamins: B complex, D, C, E and K and the minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium.

Our minerals are Chelated Minerals, which are up to 8 times more likely to be absorbed than commonly used minerals. Chelated minerals ensure strong healthy bones and coats, as well as a strong reproductive system. Chelation is a process that helps the body absorb minerals more easily. When a mineral is chelated, it is "wrapped" with an amino acid. Unlike minerals, amino acids are easily absorbed by the body. During the process of absorbing the amino acid, the body is "fooled" into absorbing the mineral as well. Chelation is an expensive process used by only a few pet food manufacturers.

A Chelating agent. Use of chelating agents has been successful in detoxifying metals from organs and bones. One of the most commonly used chelating agents is d-penicillamine, which mobilizes copper from tissues and promotes its excretion in the urine. D-penicillamine also reportedly has anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressiveeffects.

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Whole Dog Journal lists Flint River in their top 10 dry dog foods list in the Feb 2001 issue,(and it routinely is on this list) along with info on preservatives. The top ten list in alhabetical order is: Back to Basics, Best in Show, Calif Natural, Candidae, Eagle Pack Holistic, Flint River LC, Innova, Ltd Diets Duck & Potato, Lifespan, MMillennia, Natural Balance Ultra Prem., Prime Life, PHD Canine Growth, Pinnacle, Wellness Super5Mix and Wysong Maint.

2002 List Azmira, Back to Basics, Best in Show, Canidai, Eagle Pack, Flint River, Natural Balance, Pinnacle, Prime Life, Solid Gold, Showbound Naturals, Timberwolf Organics, Wellness.

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animation by Kitty Roach

Actual Letters on an Email Dog Health List
(used with permission)

Hi Tammy,

Personally, I wouldn't feed *competitors brand* to my canines. I investigated it years ago when we brought home 2 wolf dog pups. The protein content is made from hoofs, nails, and stuff we wouldn't eat, plus their preservatives (tho all are not mentioned on the label) are not healthy. Now, especially as they are owned by **********, I seriously doubt their feed has improved.

We started ours on *competitors brand* as it was the most expensive, highest protein, highest fat I could find, so I thought it was the best for mid-high content wolf dog pups. We continually had fleas which required pain in the neck measures dealing with the house, yard, and pups. Since feeding raw, we (they) have ZERO fleas. And many of the canines get out to the local parks and beaches a few days/week, plus we live in the sticks, so technically they should have fleas.

See if you can find a good kibble from the Whole Dog Journal 2000 recommendations. Experts on nutrition make out the list of the top 10 and *competitors brand* is on the list of bad kibble.

Good luck with your search for the best kibble for your best friends and companions. It might take a bit more effort and time on your part, but it will surely result in better health and lifespans for your beloved companions. And very possibly/likely fewer vet bills. This is just my honest opinion.

Happy Howling!

I also do not have a problem with a quality kibble costing a dollar a pound or a little more, especially if it is shipped. The other thing to remember (other than that you usually get what you pay for, in terms of the "grade" of the ingredients) is that a quality kibble goes further! I feed Flint River Ranch which costs about a dollar a pound plus shipping and because it is such high quality and a mostly digestible product (not so many fillers) they eat WAY less, so it really doesn't cost more to FEED anyway...the bag goes a LONG way! I would have to buy almost twice as much of a cheaper product to feed the dogs for the month. I have a 110 pound fila who looks fabulous on 2 1/2 cups of FRR a day! (Down from 5 cups of IAMS) You can't always calculate feeding costs on what the bag costs.. that's my $.02!

I felt I had to write a note and tell everyone who loves their dogs what can happen. I love my eleven year old schauzer so much! She was, I thought, really starting to show her age. Her hair coat had gotten so bad that I was not very proud of her looks. Her back had decome dry, scaley, and had bumps coming all over it. Her eyes were rather dull and she just didn't act lively anymore. Jane Jackson approached me with her dog food and told me that it was the best she had ever used. I told her I would give it a try. She said not to feed to much of it, especially at first, becuase they would really eat it, and the food was rich. I fed it to "Snookie" and for several days I felt I should stop using it because she had loose bowels. After about a week, she started shaping up. Her bowels moved everday at about the same time. They were always firm. Her haircoat and her back started shaping up after about 15# of Flint River Ranch. She looks nearly like a show dog! Her hair is so pretty and shiny and there are no bumps on her back. Her eyes are bright and shiney. She acts more like a pup than she has for years. She also doesn't eat as much dog food anymore as she started out to do. But she really does seem to enjoy it.

If any of you have a pet that you feel needs "something", give it a chance with Flint River as I did! You feel that it is expensive but no more than they eat, I doubt if its anymore than most good dog foods. I am sure you pet will show much more love and shine than it did for years!


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