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Grand Champion
Sound 'n' Action Horses

Action Horses, Sound, and Sound 'n' Action Stallions (which are the most well-known) are GC horses with internal working that allow them to whinny, snort, and echo galloping sounds. Some are the same size as the regular horses, while others are much larger. All of them are lots of fun and a great part of the GC line!

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Early "Talking" Stallions

Sound Horses look just like regular Grand Champions, except they have a small button on their backs (that can be easily hidden with a saddle). When pressed, the horse goes through a volly of galloping, snorts, and whickers. Such horses have been with us from the beginning - every one of the Origonal Stallions have been found in a Talking version, too.

The first regular run Grand Champions to be vocally equipped were two Stallions in 1994, the sorrel is "Big Red", and the grey appaloosa is "Spot O' Silver". Both of these horses were also released as regular stallions in the classic pose, and both even have classic-posed Sound Stallion versions, too. Spot O' Silver seems to be the more common of the two, but both horses are quite abundant second hand and generally, thier sound still works even 10 years later. Pretty good, huh?

Sound Stallions were popular from the beginning, and it wasn't long before more horses were added to the set. Enter the Pinto "Titan's Jet", and Swedish Warmblood "Noble Tango" in 1995. Like the others before them, they galloped and whinnied with the press of a button. Even more Sound Stallions were released with riders; you can see them on the Rider's Page.

The Last of the Talking Horses

The last set of Talking Horses came in 1996, bringing to an end these chatty horses' short run. But indeed, they went out with a bang, for this last set featured two stallions - and two talking mares!

This set was only sold in the US, making them quite harder to find then the previous years. What a shame, because these are very handsome horses. The mares are the Maremmana "Buttermilk" & Shagya-Arabian "Show Girl"; their stallion counterparts are the Frederiskborg "Hot Fudge" (who is in life a much, much lighter chestnut!) & French Trotter "Romeo".

Sound 'n' Action Stallions

In 1996, sound stallions got big... REALLY BIG! Enter the Sound 'n' Action Stallion, who's roughly the same size as your Traditional Breyer. These beautiful horses are almost larger then life -- towering over their small cousins, these magnificent stallion whinnied and reared. Like all GCs before them, they are highly detailed and beautiful to behold!

These are the Sound 'n' Action Stallions for 1997, as elagant as ever. The dapple grey is "Thunder", the white a Thoroughbred named "Lightning", the bay Trakehner is "Reveille", and the palomino is a Shagya Arab Stallion named "Desert Storm".

The 1998 Set

These horse are once again highly detailed and comes with wonderfully life-like saddle & bridle.

The first horse is the grey "Sir Dusty"; the middle horse is a Holsteiner stallion named "Lord Avje", and the Pinto Quarter Horse is "Screaming Eagle".

To the left below is a picture of the bay blanket appaloosa from 1998; his name is "Jack Flash", and as you can see he is a very, very handsome horse!

These popular horses are also called Magic Motion Stallions, and are often the easiest to find in the store. I'm not sure which year the horses pictured above are from (possibly a mid-year realease in '98). There names are: white Lippizzaner with the long mane is "Pegasus", the red Quarter Horse with the gold mane is "Bugle Boy", the cream Paso-Fino is "Cotillion", and the dark chestnut Welsh Cob is "Valiant".

The 1999 Set

Now, the year 1999 was a strange year here in Canada. That year, all horses came without biocards. They also don't look much like the pictures from the back card! For instance, the Mustang is not that horrible shade of yellow but actually a lovely golden carmel; he's complete with dark points and a dorsal stripe, and four white socks. I expect the other horses differ, too.

Like all '99 horses, they are slightly harder to find then most other years.

They are, from left to right:
Paso Fino - ???
Morgan: Shining Glory
Mustang: Thundercloud
Wielkopolski: Champ

The 2000 Set

The names of the these three are, from left to right:
Quaterhorse - About Face
Andalusian - Dazzling Spirit
Palamino - Dixie Gold

While first appearing in 2000, these horse appeared again... in 2001... and again in 2002, with different packaging. Hopefully we'll see "new" horses soon!

And One more...

This stallion appered in the German lineup, and seems to be listed as a Swedish Warmblood. Of course, those europeon horses don't come with Biocards, so I suppose we'll never know his name, if he had one!

If you know the name a "missing" stallion, please give me a shout!

More Action Horses

I suppose I'm a bit of a purest to say I prefer horses that don't move, but I must admit a lot of these guys will grow on you. Classic-sized horses with action (but no sound) joined the Grand Champion line in 1997 with the introduction of Feed 'n' Nuzzle Horses, who were immediately popular with the younger horse lovers. But besides them, there were several other less common kinds of horses designed with a spesific skill in mind. Some were jumpers, some galloped, and some, like the Mini Action Horses just swished thier tail. But they are still quite cute, and quite fitting as champions!

Triple Action Stallions -1997


As if having a rearing, whinnying horse wasn't enough, Triple Action Stallions took it one step further � he gallops! Mounted on a "hitching post", he bucks and rears as he courses along. Three horses were made for the set, the bay "Firestreak", grey arabian "Ali Baba", and the palomino "American Cream". Below is a picture of Firestreak off his stand (thanks Renee for the pic!).

Jumping Hunter Champion - 2001

What have we here? Another Grand ol' Champ, "Sir Gallahad" :) One of the most involved action sets to date, this stallion comes complete with two jumps (one regular jump, and another much-feared water jump), a trophy, and of course the champion's wreath of roses! (thanks to Karen for the pic!)

And here's the new Hunter/Jumper of 2003.... if you though he looked *awsome* in bay, you are going to LOVE him in grey! He is listed as a Trakhener stallion, but I do not know his name.

For 2005 our sports horse is now running a full course! Featuring a new wonderful black stallion (no breed or name listed) he comes complete with a rider - and a full equestrian show jumping field! With all these perks, you can bet he's going to be a champion, ready to show his stuff at Spruce Meadows :)

The Action Champs - 2002

Banking on the succsess of the Feed n Nuzzle horses, in 2002 a new line of Champions joined the family. They were called "Acion Champs", and like thier name, they moved!

Two horses began the set with the classic-posed bay stallion Bling Bling, who features an akward lever jutting out of his back, that, when pressed, cuases him to paw with his front leg. The more beautiful of the two is Golden Rule, pictured right, a lovely palomino who flicks his tail when you tug on his reins. It has been pointed out by some that Golden Rule is actually a mare a he - er she - is lacking some parts! Either way, with a bridle on Golden looks like a regular GC, making her more desguisable and more beautiful.

More of these new "Action Stallions" are available in Feed'n'Nuzzle Families sets in Europe and the UK.

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