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Grand Champions - the First Year

*G* These are a picture of my own first stallions! As you can see they have been well-loved over the years. (The creamy horse has been yellowed by the sun - he's supposed to be white ;)

The very first Grand Champions appeared sometime after 1988, probably as early as 1989. They were a very simple bunch, proto-types really, with none of the fancy markings or accessories of the later horses. They didn't come with bio cards. They didn't even have the classic "GC" logo on their hindquarters!

There were six basic stallions, all in the "classic" pose - walking with the right front raised, and head turned in slightly. They came with a dark blue brush, and plastic foodbin; you were meant to cut out the fence on the package, and slip it into the slot on the foodbin. These six stallions were cast from a single colour of plastic and had only basic markings - socks, blazes; their bodies were not shaded with airbrushing like the later horses were.

The First Horses, like the following years, were released in a variety of ways – as Stallions with tack, as Family Sets, and as Mare & Foal sets. Single Foals were also avaible in Canada – and they had long hair! A few Stallions were even released with Riders.

The Sorrel Family
This family is basically the prototype for the soon-to-come Sorrel Quarter Horses. When sold on his own, the Stallion came with English tack, and the foal came with a yellow blanket. This set is very dear to me – they were my first horses!

The Silky White Family
Like the sorrels, this family was the fore-runner of another familiar family – the Arabain Quarter horses. However, their grey muzzles make them unique in their own right. The Stallion was also available with English Tack.

The Black Family
Well… here's the stallion, as shown with his English tack; I'm missing a picture of this family ;) The Mare and foal have simmiliar white markings, the wide diamonds distingishing them from later horses. Thanks to Baltoship for the picture of her stallion!

The Appaloosa Family
This is a pretty neat family, which bears a passing resemblance to the '95 Blanket Appaloosas. The stallion, when sold alone, came with Western Tack. He was also released as a Sound Stallion, but I have no idea which set this was with!

The Palomino Family
A rather unique family, this one has no close relatives in the GC world (except maybe Gold Dust?) The Stallion also came with Western Tack.

The Pinto Family
Here's a picture of the original pinto Mare & foal – from Meadowsweet's biocard! But this is NOT, as you can see, Meadowsweet and Nickers, but unique horse in their own right :) This set was also released with an early Stable. The stallion was also realesed with Western tack, and he's the stallion who's actually pictured on Indian Chief's card, but again is his own unique stallion.

The Hippy Foals!

These early Foals, which were sold in family sets in the US and singly in Canada-only releases, differ from other foals in one special way - their mane and tail are much longer, comparable to the adult horses.

Thanks to Aly for a picture of her cute foals. Love the hair!

Despite all we know about the early horses, there may have well been other releases that aren't displayed here. Early flyers show horses in different poses, fancy tack, different marking... it's hard to tell which horses were actually made, and which were just "product prototypes". If you have a picture(s) of any early horses who are not shown here, and would like to add them to the site, please email me!

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