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Grand Champion Mini Horses

The Mini Horses - not to be confused with Micro Mini - were originally cute little sets of two horses, usually a mare and a stallion, both in very fine detail with miniature tack. Later, the mini sets became action sets, a mare or stallion with moving parts in a tiny vignette. Another interesting note is that the Fantasy Filly and Horse Country lines also came with mini horses, too!

*G* The picture on the right is my little Ladybird :) She's from the Rodeo Set, but as she was so poorly mislabled in her biocard, I had to do something about it. She *looks* like a Ladybird!

Eary Mini Sets - 1996

Mini horses arrived in 1996. They were exactly smaller versions of thier larger cousins, right down to their markings and details! Each pair came with a story card, and the stallion came tack. Thanks to Renee for this picture!

They are: (top two on left) Gray Thoroughbred mare "By A Nose" & Akhal-Teke Stallion "Casanova"; Arabian Stallion "Quicksilver" and Thoroughbred mare "Easy Street"; bay Sardinian Stallion "Capricorn" & grey Lipizzaner Stallion "Proud Captain".
Bottom left across: Quarter Horse Stallion "Black Jack" & Blanket Appaloosa Mare "Gingersnap"; Hackney Stallion "Steppin Out" & Pinto Stallion "Patchwork"; Palomino Stallion "Firefly" and Shagya Arab Stallion "Hurricane".

Mini Sets 1997

The breeds are, from left to right: Albino Mustang Stallion "Silver Wind" & Paint Stallion "War Path", American Saddlebred Stallion "High Jinx" & Quarter horse Mare "Trail Blazer", Arabian Mare "Desert Gold" & Thoroughbred Hunter Stallion "Hero of the Hunt".
Second Row - Paso Fino stallion "Step in Time" & Shaygra Arabain Mare "Splash of Copper", Standardbred Trotter Mare "Happy Go Lucky" & Alter Real Stallion "Royal Dancer", Appaloosa Mare "Sugar 'n' Spice" and Tennessee Walker Stallion "Tennessee Tall".

Minis Horses '98

To be completely honest, I don't know where these wonderful mini sets fit in, but I'm going to assume they were the set for 1998, which probably never made it beyond the United States. If you have any information on any of these hores, such as breed/names, please give me a shout!

These minis feature a silver "GC" emblem on their rump.

These minis feature a golden "GC" emblem on their rump

Minis Horses '99

These are the eluzive Mini Horses of '99. Thanks so much to Cindy for sharing thier backcard pictures! Like most horses in '99, they weren't widly released, and lack some of the finer detialing of the other years. However, they are still lovely mini horses and are on my wish list!

The Grey Irish Draft stallion is"Gentleman George" and the Cream Galiceno is "Domingo". Thanks to Rondel for that info. If you have any more info or names for these horses, please give me a shout!

The Lost Minis of 2000-01

These are the horses that fell through the cracks when Empire when under. They are Mini Acton sets, just as before, and cute little horses in thier own right. They were only available in limmited stores, or by calling up Mutiny Bay and odering them directly, even though they were never advertised on thier site. These lovely minis are on my wishlist. Thanks to Rachaelle for the great pictures!

They are, from left to right - Spinnaker & Hyacinth (palominos), Tumbleweed & Honey Bell (buckskins), and Baritone & Pinnacle (chestnuts).

Mini Action Sets

Soon Minis evolved in to the popular interactive Action Sets, which included a pair of horses with motion, such as the ability to kick a bucket, "nuzzle" food, or flicking its tail.

First Row: Palomino mare "Show Girl", Welsh Cob Mare "Flying Duchess", Brumby stallion "Australian Knight", Quarter Horse Mare "Stardust".
Second Row: Thoroughbred Stallion "Eclipse", Mustang stallion "Firefox", Tersky mare "Silverstreak", Selle Francais stallion "Creole King" .
Third Row: Arabian mare "Auburn Star", Anglo Arab "Olympic Silver", Paint stallion "High 'N Mighty", and Oldenburger Stallion "Royal Charger".

The Mini Activity Sets

There were also three activity sets, featuring the "Equestrian Finals", "Mountain Adventure", and the "Rodeo Adventure". Each came with an action mini horse with tack and lots of accesories!

Mountain Camping Adventure - Rocky Mountain Pony - "Fire Dancer"
Rodeo Adventure - Painted Pinto "Stallion" - "Pecos Pete" (who's really a MARE and NOT PINTO)
Equestrian Adventure - Arabian Stallion - "Fandango"

Mini Action Sets 2002

While set to be out in 2002, these horses didn't make an apperence untill late 2003. This is farily typical of Grand Champions' release dates for the past few years, seeing sets appear *years* after they were first advertised! Why? One can't really say, but hopefully this kind of porblem will be fixed in the near future, putting horses quickly into the hands of those who want them!

Equestrian Horse (chestnut)
"South Wind"

Mountain Stock Horse (paint)
"Matchless Grace"

Rodeo Quarter Horse (appaloosa)

New Horse Sets for 2003

These new sets seem to come with three horses - all adults - so you can plan your out hunter/jumper trials or practice your team penning. How cute!

Rodeo Adventure
Features some lovely palominos.

Equestrian Final
Comes complete with those handsome looking bays.

Mini Families

Below are the newest members of the mini line, the great "Mini Family sets" - new for 2000! Each comes with a mare, stallion, and a foal. The adults are regular mini and action minis; the foal is made from molded plastic and does not have a brushable tail; in fact, he dosen't seem to look like a foal at all, ad for good reason - he's actually the origonal micro mini - as first released with the Pocket Horses Playsets in the early 90's.

Chestnut Selle Francias: Le Baron,Countessa, and Baroness
Black Quarter Horse: Midnight blue, Ebony Starlight, and Darkstar
Grey Thoroughbred: Moonshine, Misty's Morn, and Morning Glory

Mini Families 2002

The Blanket Appaloosa Family
Stallion - "Tattoo"
Mare - "Ticker-Tape Parade"
Foal - "Confetti"

The Grey Oldenburg
Stallion - "Max"
Mare - "Hayden"
Foal - "Owen"

The Bay Morgan Family
Stallion - "Rythm & Blues"
Mare - "Grass Roots"
Foal - "Blue Grass".
Rachelle, the Mini Name Guru points out, that yes, the Stallion's name is misspelled on the bio card, and really should be "Rhythm & Blues".

Mini Sets 2003

Bay Appendix Family: ......
Stallion - "Samurai"
Mare - "Java"
Foal -"Brawler"
The Paint Family
Stallion - "Sandman"
Mare - "Honey"
Foal - "Sweet Dreams" ......
Chestnut Hunter Family
Stallion - "Sky Fire"
Mare - "Fire 'N' Ice"
Foal is "Blaze"

Mini Sets 2004

So far they have appeared only in Canada, and don't
seem to come with a bio cards - what a shame!
They are wonderfull little families with great shading.

Their breeds are:

Dun Family

Grey Trakehner Family

Chestnut Rocky Mountain Family

New Horse & Rider Sets

If you ever wanted for skilled riders to display with your collection of minis, or dreamed of that extra edge in the photo shows, your wish has been granted - the mini riders have arrived!

These lovely pairs were sold in 2003 throughout Europe and most of the UK as well, and they are certainlly lovely! Each rider is highly detailed, and comes with a horse decked out in the appropriet tack. Like all Euro releases, there are no biocards.

These flashy horses were avaible in Canada during 2004. Each set features an un-named horse (there are sadly no biocards) with a beautifully detailed rider and matching tack. The horses thenselves are lovely, a must have for any mini-collector!

And a big thanks to Elizabeth and Rachaelle, mini name gurus, for most of the names on this page! *G*

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