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Grand Champions Nuzzling Sets

At long last, here's the most requested page - the Feed 'n' Nuzzle sets! To be completely honest, when they first came out, I was sure they'd die out pretty fast... but I was wrong. Each year brings a new set of these playful horses, each more lovely then the last!

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The magic of these sets come from tiny magnets. Each horse came with food - carots, hay - that had a small magnet embedded in it; when brought up to horse's nose, another magnet made the head swing up - nuzzleing the food! And of course, bring two horses together, and they nuzzle each other. Awww.... :)

The Stallions Sets for 1997:
These are among the first of the Feed 'N' Sets. They came with a food bucket, blanket and lead.

From left to right they are: Throuroughbred: "Carbaret",
Appaloosa: "Apple Pie",
Paint: "Camouflage",
and Mustang: "Wildfire".

The Mares and foals for 1997:
These are the Mares and foals, each made to match the stallions. They also come with food, blankets, and a lead rope for mom.

They are: the Paints ~
"Dusty & Stardust",
Mustangs ~
"Sunflower & Wildflower" ,
Thoroughbreds ~
"Bluegrass & Kentucky Son"
and Appaloosas ~
"Showgirl & Trickster".

I have also heard from a few sources that the palomino Mustangs are also called "Maravilla & Melcocha", but these are actually a different set. They are very simmiliar in colouring.

The Nuzzling Horses for 1998:

These Stallions, like the ones before, came with everything you needed to have lots of nuzzling fun! From left to right they are: Arabian: "Mohomad", Rocky Mountain Pony "Valient Heart", Standardbred Messenger, and Andalusian is "Conquerant".

The Mares and foals for 1998:

Another cute set of matching mom and babes!
From left to right they are:

Standardbred: "First Class & Classy Lady",
Andalusians: "Marguerite & Dulcinea",
Arabian: "Jasmine & Night Blooming",
and Rocky Mountain Pony:"Charisma & Cache".

The Nuzzling Horses for 1999:

Like most of the '99 horses, these guys didn't come with biocards outside of the US, so I don't know any of their names! They are also odd colours, simplified version of what you might find in other years, which was another '99 trait. From left to right -

Light Grey Trakehners -"Saproano & Fortissimo"
Dark Grey Irish Drafts Horses - "Laughing Lass & Lazarus"
Black Tennessee Walkers - "Bette Blue & Bugle Boy"
Chestnut Anglo-Arabian - "Wild Honey & Wild Oats"

The Stallions look exactly the same as their mare & foal. The Irish Draught is named "Titan", and the Tenessee Walker is "Midnight" Thanks to Jitske for the pictures of her stallions!

Anyone with more info on the stallion's names, please Email me!"

Nuzzling Families

Like all Grand Champions, Nuzzling horses had families too. Each came with a Stallion, Mare, Foal, who could nibble at thier food, or nuzzle each other :) The horses above where released first in 1997. Do note that some of them look *quite* different from thier promo pictures... the black Morgans are the same horses pictured at the top of the page, and the Akhal-tekes are the same family pictured at the bottom.

Golden Akhal-Teke Family ...
Stallian - Kadin
Mare - Zarifa
Foal - Lakia
Black Morgan Family:
Stallion - Hunter's Quest...
Mare - Halo's Blush
Foal - Halory Hunter
Grey Thoroughbred Family
Stallion - Sunny Bluegrass
Mare - Crystal Shine
Foal - Sunshine

Here are more Nuzzling Families for 1998. They are every bit as cute as the sets before :)

The Quarter Horse family is -
Stallion "Honey Oats", Mare "Wild Flower", and Foal "Wild Oats"

The Saddlebred Family is -
Stallion "Altrivoe", Mare "Serocoy", and Foal "Alendas".

The family below are actually the Akhal-Tekes - they are not palomino at all, but a lovely almost champagne kind of colour :) Thanks to Kristi for the picutre of her horse family!

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Thanks to everyone who helped with names! If you have any more info, or pictures of any horse not pictured, please email me!

Nuzzling Horses 2000

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